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Kleenex Girl Wonder (or Kleenexgirlwonder or Kleen Ex-Girl Wonder in Japan) is an indie rock band, originally from the suburbs of Chicago but now based in New York City.

The band's central and sole consistent member since its inception is Graham Smith (born July 14, 1979).[1] The original backing band consisted of neighborhood friends from his hometown of Downers Grove, Illinois. This lineup consisted of Adam Blake (guitar), Rafeeq Hasan (bass), Quinn Goodwillie (guitar), Christian Goodwillie (bass) and Jeff Giba (drums).

The current band features Smith on bass and vocals, Thayer McClanahan on guitar, and Matt LeMay on drums.

After 2003, Smith released some albums under his own name, as well as some credited to both his given name and KGW. It is assured by numerous sources that no ill will or misdirection was meant by this.

All significant and currently available albums are listed in the discography below, with accreditation delineated as necessary.


  • Porno Movie
  • I'm Thinking Metric
  • Old Timer Loose in Mustard Springs (1995, unreleased)
  • Sexual Harassment (1996)
  • Graham Smith Is the Coolest Person Alive (1997)
  • Ponyoak (1999)
  • Why I Write Such Good Songs (2000)
  • Smith (2001)
  • After Mathematics (2002)
  • Final Battle (as Graham Smith) (2004)
  • CMYK (4-album box set) (2006) (also distilled as a single release, November Brain - these releases generally credited to Graham Smith & KGW, also sometimes as Graham Smith with Herbs or just Herbs)
  • Yes Boss (2008) (as Graham Smith & KGW)
  • Mrs. Equitone (2009) (as KGW)
  • Accept the Mystery (2010) (as Graham Smith)
  • Secret Thinking (2011)
  • Let it Buffer (2013)
  • "The Comedy Album" (2015)


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