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Kleeneze Homecare is a multi-level marketing company, and was started in 1923, in Hanham, Bristol, England. The founder, Harry Crook, had emigrated to United States with his family several years earlier and while there joined Fuller Brush as a sales representative. He returned to Bristol several years later and started his business making brushes which were sold door-to-door by salesmen.

Since the 1980s, Kleeneze independent distributors have delivered catalogs to households, blanket dropping, to find regular customers. Kleeneze distributors can also run their own ecommerce business or party plan business. Similar to other multi-level marketing companies, Kleeneze offers incentive schemes for higher performing distributors, such as chances to attend international conferences or cars.[1]

In 1995 Kleeneze was bought by European Home Retail (EHR). The company was later bought by Findel PLC in 2007 after the collapse of EHR. In 2015 Findel sold Kleeneze to CVSL, an American holding company,[2] as part of their MLM portfolio.

The company remained at its original Hanham site for almost 80 years. In May 2004, the company relocated to its headquarters and distribution centre to Warmley. In 2007, after the acquisition by Findel, the move to Hyndburn was announced.[3][4]

Kleeneze is a founder member of the U.K.'s Direct Selling Association,[5] and is also the oldest network marketing company in Europe, having started its networking operations in the 1970s.[6]

The company has expanded into Europe, operating in the Republic of Ireland since 1994 with other European and worldwide countries soon to be unveiled due to the trade agreements already in existence with CVSL's other international organisations.

In 2016 funding was obtained from Greater Manchester Combined Authority to set up a warehouse and distribution centre in Rochdale.[7]


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