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Kleenmaid is an Australian owned kitchen appliance brand. Kleenmaid appliances are manufactured in Europe and have a reputation for quality and reliability. The brand was originally established in 1984. It was acquired by Compass Capital Partners in 2009 [1] who developed and launched the Next Generation range of appliances in 2012.[2]

Kleenmaid is based in Alexandria, Sydney and sells its products via a network of kitchen manufacturers and independent electrical retailers.


Kleenmaid was established on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 1985. Its first product was an American manufactured washing machine sold through appliance service agents. These agents recommended the Kleenmaid product whilst attending to service calls on other brands of washing machines in the consumer's home. Kleenmaid later expanded into other products including cooking appliances, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners sourced from a variety of foreign appliance suppliers and sold through major retail appliance retailers including Harvey Norman & Clive Peeters. After several years of operation in major retailers Kleenmaid severed all ties with these partners and commenced selling through its own network of corporate owned and franchised stores. By 2009 the company had 20 retail outlets operating across five states. Five of these outlets were wholly owned by the company with the remaining 15 held by franchisees. In 2008 the company was reported to have over 400 employees, and was listed in Business Review Weekly's listing of the top 500 Australian companies.[3]

Company collapse[edit]

In 2008 rumours started to circulate about the financial stability of the company. [4] On 9 April 2009 Kleenmaid announced the company would be going into voluntary administration with debts of a reported $67 million. 150 employees were to lose their jobs immediately as a consequence.

On 17 May 2009 the administrators from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu released their report which revised the debt to $82 million and indicated the company may have been trading while insolvent since June 2007.[5]

On 25 May 2009 creditors voted to liquidate the Kleenmaid Group and Deloittes was appointed as the liquidator. The debt figure was revised to "in excess of $100 million".[6]

On 30 May 2009 the liquidators also announced they would be investigating possible criminal charges of insolvent trading against the directors of the company and requested ASIC's assistance. [7]

Brand Relaunch[edit]

In December 2009 it was announced that Compass Capital Partners had successfully acquired the Kleenmaid brand name. This was accomplished after Compass secured the existing fixed and floating charge over the assets of Orchard KM pty ltd - a Kleenmaid subsidiary. [8] These assets included Kleenmaid's intellectual property such as the trademark, logo and brand name.

Since acquiring the brand, Compass has developed the 'next generation' range of Kleenmaid appliances. The new range was re-launched to the public on 22 February 2012 at the Kleenmaid Experience Centre in Alexandria, NSW.

Next Generation Appliance: Kleenmaid Elevator Oven


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