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Klein Independent School District
Klein ISD logo.png
United States
District information
Grades Pre-K/EC through 12
Established July 1928
Superintendent Dr. Jim Cain
District ID 4825740
Students and staff
Students 50,600
Other information
Website kleinisd.net

Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD) is a school district that covers 87.5 square miles (227 km2) in Harris County, Texas, United States. Almost all of the territory is unincorporated; a small portion of Houston is within the district.[1][2] In the 2014-15 school year Klein had 49,400 students, and in the 2015-2016 year, Klein ISD has 50,600 students. Klein ISD is part of the taxation base for the Lone Star College System. Dr. Jim Cain is Superintendent of Schools.

As of 2015, the school district is rated "met standard" by the Texas Education Agency.[3]


Originally named Rural High School District No. 1 in July 1928, it became known as Klein Independent School District on February 26, 1938, after residents voted 84 to 4 to rename the district after Adam Klein, who led many German immigrants into the area in 1854. It is board policy that all high schools include the name 'Klein' in honor of the district's namesake.

In 1971, Dr. Donald Richard Collins, CPA, became the district's superintendent and served until his retirement in 2000. Under his tenure the number of schools in the district rose from 6 to over 30. Largely under his influence, the district adopted a policy of naming schools after early immigrants to the area, mostly of German ancestry and many of them related to the Klein family. In 2001, Klein Collins High School was named in his honor.

The district's superintendent, as of 2004, is Dr. Jim Cain. Formerly a director of school administration in Klein ISD before moving to Fort Bend ISD as an area superintendent, Dr. Cain returned to Klein and worked as the assistant/associate superintendent for administration.[4] In late 2015, Cain announced he would retire on June 30, 2016. He will serve as a special assistant to the school board to find a new superintendent in July and August.[5]


Klein ISD serves unincorporated portions of northern Harris County, Texas, and includes the communities and neighborhoods of Klein, Kohrville, Louetta, and parts of North Houston. Some areas within the Spring and Tomball postal designations, and a portion of "Acres Homes" within the city limits of Houston are also served by Klein ISD.[6]

The Klein ISD Board of Trustees passed a resolution[7] at their January 2016 meeting regarding renaming the 88 square miles encompassing Klein ISD as Klein, Tx. The resolution includes the following:

  1. Recommends that residents living within the district boundaries refer to their community as Klein, Texas;
  2. Recommends that citizens within zip codes 77379, 77389 and 77391 use Klein, Texas as their address; and
  3. Directs that all Klein ISD buildings and facilities be identified as being in Klein, Texas.

By Texas legislative action in 1977, the area inside the boundaries of the Klein ISD was designated as Klein, Texas.[8]


On May 10, 2008, a bond referendum for $646.9 million was passed with approximately 52% (4,732 of 9,152) of the ballots for it. The bond was to create new schools, including present-day Blackshear Elementary, Bernshausen Elementary, and the on-hold, new High School No.5.[9][10] In May 2015, Klein ISD held another bond referendum for $498.1 million, which passed with around 77% (4,571 of 6,033) of the ballots for it. The bond includes $283.6 million to accommodate growth with new construction, including $121.9 million for High School No. 5, $47.1 million for Intermediate School No. 10, and $26.2 million for Elementary School No. 33, and expansion of gymnasia and classroom additions.[11][12]

List of campuses[edit]

All Klein ISD campuses are listed in the charts below. This includes high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. If there is no article on a certain school, the link will be to its respective campus website. All people labeled under "Campus Leadership" are the main principals.

High schools[edit]

Campus Name Date Opened Campus Leadership Mascot School Colors
Klein Collins High School 2001 Randy Kirk Tigers Navy and Gold
Klein Forest High School 1979 Patricia Crittendon Golden Eagles Green and Gold
Klein High School 1928 (present day campus opened in 2014) Larry Whitehead Bearkats Blue and Gold
Klein Oak High School 1982 Brian Greeney Panthers Black and Gold

All students have the opportunity to go to the Vistas High School Program.

Intermediate schools[edit]

School Name Opening Date Campus Leadership Mascot
Doerre Intermediate School 1984 Nicole Patin Warriors
Hildebrandt Intermediate School 1973 Joffery Jones Mustangs
Kleb Intermediate School 1981 (current Campus opened in 1993) Jessica Haddox Bear Cubs
Klein Intermediate School 1984 Bob Anderson Falcons
Krimmel Intermediate School 2007 Scott Crowe Knights
Schindewolf Intermediate School 2002 Curtis Simmons Timberwolves
Strack Intermediate School 1977 Andrea Comer Cougars
Ulrich Intermediate School 2010 Jeffery Bailey Bulldogs
Wunderlich Intermediate School 1975 Chris Rugerio Wildcats

Elementary schools[edit]

School Name Opening Date Campus Principal Mascot
Haude Elementary School 1971 Rachel Wall Jaguars
Northampton Elementary School 1971 Jane McKetta Colts
Greenwood Forest Elementary School 1971 Maryanne Straub Grizzlies
Epps Island Elementary School 1973 Kristin Bevan Tigers
Theiss Elementary School 1974 Joann Kennan Tigers
Benfer Elementary School 1977 Loranine Lambert Bobcats
Kaiser Elementary School 1978 Robert Jones Cowboys
Brill Elementary School 1978 Dayna Hernandez Broncos
Ehrhardt Elementary School 1979 Charles Hall Eagles
Lemm Elementary School 1980 Kathy Brown Lions
Nitsch Elementary School 1980 Amber Kent Knights
Krahn Elementary School 1983 Frank Ward Cardinals
Roth Elementary School 1984 Gail McGuire Rams
Kuehnle Elementary School 1989 Julia Funk Koalas
Mittelstädt Elementary School 1991 Cynthia Levi Patriots
Klenk Elementary School 1992 Sandra Simi Cougars
Eiland Elementary School 1993 Greg Jones Dolphins
Schultz Elementary School 1994 Sherri Davenport Eagles
Hassler Elementary School 1999 Sarah Brown Ponies
Kohrville Elementary School 2002 Vicki Bland Coyotes
Kreinhop Elementary School 2004 Sherri Trammell Wolves
McDougle Elementary School 2004 Lynn Brown Lions
Metzler Elementary School 2005 Lakita Combs Huskies
Benignus Elementary School 2006 Dawn Proctor Leopards
Frank Elementary School 2007 Eve Messina Flyers
Mueller Elementary School 2009 Pattie Holecek Stars
Blackshear Elementary School 2011 Darrel Luedeker Buffaloes
Zwink Elementary School 2012 Katie Turner Zebras
Bernshausen Elementary School 2013 Cassandra Christian Bengals
Grace England Early Childhood & Pre-K Center 2013 Ann Dristas Owls
French Elementary School 2015 Carole Mason Racers

Former campuses[edit]

  • Klein Intermediate School: Situated next to what is currently Klein High School, the original Klein Intermediate, not to be confused with the existing one, opened in 1967. It became the Klein HS 9th grade building in 1975, and later became Kleb Intermediate School, again not to be confused with the existing one, in 1981. As of 1993, it has been the Klein Annex..[13]
  • Klein Elementary School: Located next to original Klein High School on Spring Cypress Road, Klein Elementary School opened in 1940 and was renamed Klein Middle School in 1971. The building was removed in 2007 as it had been deemed unsafe for habitation and to make way for the construction of the Network Operation Center.[13]
  • Garden City Elementary School: Located on W. Montgomery Road just south of the present day Nitsch Elementary School, this school opened in 1956 and closed in the 1970s.[13]
  • Recreation Acres Elemenatary School: This school served southern part of district and opened in 1949.[13]
  • Kohrville Schoolhouse: Located at the present-day corner of Spring-Cypress and Huffsmith-Kohrville Road, this school opened in 1895 abd closed in 1967. During the period of segregation, this was the African American School, and served the community of Kohrville.[13]

Future schools[edit]

Mahaffey Elementary School[edit]

In late 2015, Klein ISD announced that Mahaffey Elementary school would be built in the Willow Lake Village subdivision and that it would be completed in August 2016. The campus will be located on Mahaffey Rd near FM 2920. The Mahaffey family settled in the Willow area in 1860; the new elementary school is being built on land that was originally owned by the family, who grew cotton, corn, and other crops on their homestead where Klein Memorial Park Cemetery is located today. The homestead covered nearly 1,000 acres (400 ha) in the Willow area. Descendants of the Mahaffey family currently live in Klein. The school will be relieving Metzler, Schultz, and Mueller Elementary. Also, many students from Mueller will be rezoned to Schultz and Northampton. Some neighborhoods zoned to Kuehnle will be rezoned to Hassler. Furthermore, rural areas along Boudreaux & Hufsmith Kohrville that are currently zoned to Bernshausen will be rezoned to Frank.[14][15]

High School Number 5[edit]

On June 9, 2014, the Klein Independent School District Board of Trustees approved a design for High School 5, planned to be completed by August 2017. The 665,000-square-foot (6.18 ha) campus will be able to accommodate 3,600 students and will be situated on Spring Cypress Road next to Ulrich Intermediate School. This school will relieve Klein Oak High School and Klein High School from becoming overcrowded until a planned High School Number 6 is built. Due to realignment within the district, some students will also be rezoned from Klein Forest and Klein Collins to Klein High. Meetings were held in the fall of 2015 to discuss zoning options. The preferred draft was presented at the December 14 meeting, and on February 16, the Board of Trustees approved the high school attendance zones, which will take effect in the fall of 2017 to coincide with the school's opening.[16][17][18]

Intermediate School 10[edit]

On Jan. 11, 2016, the Klein ISD Board of Trustees approved the Design Development for Intermediate School #10. Huckabee Architects has designed the 205,000 sf. campus in three separate learning areas: 6th Grade, 7th & 8th Grade STEM, and 7th & 8th Grade Humanities. It is designed to accommodate a site with a 20 ft. elevation change that runs front to back, as well as 2 acres of protected wetlands. Per the current instructional program for intermediate schools, the campus includes a Black Box theater classroom that is being designed to combine as a stage; collaboration areas within the communities for project-based learning and small group instruction; and Makerspace in the library or learning commons.[19]

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