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Klein Independent School District

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Klein Independent School District
Klein ISD Main Logo.png
United States
District information
GradesPre-K/EC through 12
EstablishedJuly 1928
SuperintendentDr. Bret A. Champion
District ID4825740
Students and staff
Students51,726[1] Increase 5.17%[2]
Teachers3,443.4 [1] Increase 6.34% [2]
Staff6,599.8[1] Increase 4.54% [2]
Student-teacher ratio14.6[1] Positive decrease 4.1% [2]
Other information

Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD) is a school district that covers 87.5 square miles (227 km2) in Harris County, Texas, United States. The district was created in 1928 and renamed Klein in 1938. Almost all of the territory is unincorporated; a small portion of Houston is within the district.[3][4] In the 2016-2017 school year, Klein ISD had 50,394 students.[1] Klein ISD is part of the taxation base for the Lone Star College System. As of 2018 Dr. Bret Champion is Superintendent of Schools.

The district has 32 elementary schools (including a Pre-K designated school), ten intermediate schools, and five high schools. A tenth intermediate school was opened in the Fall of 2018, and a 33rd elementary school will be built in the near future. As of 2016, the school district is rated "met standard" by the Texas Education Agency and has received a two B's and two C's in a provisional set of accountability ratings released for the 2016-2017 school year.[1][5]


Originally named Rural High School District No. 1 in July 1928, it became known as Klein Independent School District in 1938, named after Adam Klein, who led many German immigrants into the area in 1854. It is board policy that all high schools include the name 'Klein' in honor of the district's namesake.[6]

In 1971, Dr. Donald Richard Collins, CPA, became the district's superintendent and served until his retirement in 2000. Under his tenure the number of schools in the district rose from 6 to over 30. Largely under his influence, the district adopted a policy of naming schools after early immigrants to the area, mostly of German ancestry and many of them related to the Klein family. In 2001, Klein Collins High School was named in his honor. [6]

The next district superintendent was Dr. Jim Cain. Formerly a director of school administration in Klein ISD before moving to Fort Bend ISD, Dr. Cain returned to Klein and worked as the assistant/associate superintendent for administration.[7] In late 2015, Cain announced he would retire on June 30, 2016. He served as a special assistant to the school board to find a new superintendent in July and August 2016.[8] In 2017, Klein Cain High School was named after him. Bret A. Champion Ed.D. was named as the new superintendent, and was the former superintendent of Leander ISD.[9]


Klein ISD serves unincorporated portions of northern Harris County, Texas, and includes the communities and neighborhoods of Klein, Kohrville, Louetta, and parts of North Houston. Some areas within the Spring and Tomball postal designations, and a portion of "Acres Homes" within the city limits of Houston are also served by Klein ISD.[10]

The Klein ISD Board of Trustees passed a resolution[11] at their January 2016 meeting regarding renaming the 88 square miles encompassing Klein ISD as Klein, Tx. The resolution includes the following:

  1. Recommends that residents living within the district boundaries refer to their community as Klein, Texas;
  2. Recommends that citizens within zip codes 77379, 77389 and 77391 use Klein, Texas as their address; and
  3. Directs that all Klein ISD buildings and facilities be identified as being in Klein, Texas.

By Texas legislative action in 1977, the area inside the boundaries of the Klein ISD was designated as Klein, Texas.[12]



STAAR - Percent at Level II Satisfactory Standard or Above (Sum of All Grades Tested)[1]
Subject Klein ISD Region 4 State of Texas
Reading/ELA 78% 72% 72%
Mathematics 82% 75% 76%
Writing 71% 68% 68%
Science 83% 78% 77%
Soc. Studies 81% 77% 76%
All Tests 79% 74% 74%

Students in the Klein Independent School District outperform regional and statewide averages on standardized tests, such as the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. In the 2015-2016 STAAR results, 79% of students in Klein ISD were at or above the Level II Satisfactory Standard, compared to 74% in surrounding Region 4, and 74% in the State of Texas. The Class of 2015 had an SAT average of 1498 and an average 22.7 ACT score, both higher than the Region 4 and State averages.[1] Additionally In 2016, Klein ISD had 13 high school seniors named as Semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program.[13]

For the 2015-2016 school year, the newest rating available, Klein ISD is rated "met standard" by the Texas Education Agency. The TEA has also released provisional ratings using its new A-F system (measuring student results beyond the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness). This A-F system covers four areas: student achievement, student progress (based on STAAR scores compared to the year prior), closing achievement gaps (looking at economically disadvantaged numbers), and postsecondary readiness. The new rating system has not been officially released yet, but school districts including Klein ISD received an unofficial rating. Klein ISD was scored two B's in student achievement and student progress, and two C's in closing achievement gaps and post secondary readiness. Klein ISD (and many surrounding districts) passed a resolution in the Board of Trustees wanting the Texas Legislature to repeal the rating system and have the districts assess themselves, with possibly less standardized tests.[5]


In the 2015-2016 school year, the school district had a total of 50,394 students, starting from early childhood/pre-kindergarten education through grade 12. The class of 2015 included 3,406 graduates with an annual drop-out rate in grades 9-12 of 1.4%. In 2016, the racial makeup of the district was 39.6% Hispanic, 34.4% White, 14.1% African American, 8.6% Asian, 0.4% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, and 2.8% with two or more races.[1] This results in Klein ISD being named as the 12th most diverse district in the state of Texas.[14] Additionally, 40.8% of students in the district are economically disadvantaged, and 14.6% of the students are English Language Learners. The Texas Education Agency also deems 40.7% of Klein ISD as at-risk.

The district has had sustained growth in recent years. From the 2014-2015 school year to the 2015-2016 school year, Klein ISD saw a 5.17% increase in students, a 6.34% increase in teachers, a 4.54% increase in staff, and a 4.1% decrease in student ratio. As of 2016, the district has 51,726 students, 6,600 staff with 3,443 teachers, and a student-teacher ratio overall of 14.6.[1][2]


On May 10, 2008, a bond referendum for $646.9 million was passed with approximately 52% (4,732 of 9,152) of the ballots for it. The bond was to create new schools, including present-day Blackshear Elementary, Bernshausen Elementary, and Klein Cain High School.[15][16]

In May 2015, Klein ISD held another bond referendum for $498.1 million, which passed with around 77% (4,571 of 6,033) of the ballots for it. The bond includes $283.6 million to accommodate growth with new construction, including $121.9 million for High School No. 5 (Klein Cain), $47.1 million for Intermediate School No. 10 (Hofius Intermediate), and $26.2 million for Elementary School No. 33, and expansion of gymnasia and classroom additions.[17][18]

As of 2017, Mahaffey Elementary and Klein Cain High School (formally known as High School No. 5) have been built using funds from the 2015 Bond.[19][20] Mahffey Elementary was built one million dollars under budget, while Klein Cain High School was built 27 million dollars under budget. Additionally, Central Office water and sanitary facilities were renovated in 2016.[21] As of the Fall of 2018, Hofius Intermediate (formally known as Intermediate School No. 10), located next to Metzler Elementary, has been finished.[22] The school is estimated to be built 1.85 million dollars under budget.[23] Also, Elementary School No. 33's planning has begun with architecture firm IBI Group being awarded to design the school. The campus will be built in August 2019 and will be located across from Zwink Elementary. Another project being currently completed is the new Northcrest Agriculture Facility, which will be built in November 2017. 41,500 square feet of classroom space and a 10,700 square foot gym addition with moving walls for group collaboration is currently being added to Wunderlich Intermediate School, and Klein Forest High School is modernizing CTE classrooms and programs. There will also be new dance and AFJROTC facilities built at Klein Forest.[20]

Other projects that have not begun construction are another Early Childhood/Pre-K Childhood center, classroom and gymnasium additions, and a Student Services Center Parking Lot. The district also plans many general updates to all campuses such as school entry improvements, a digital radio communication center, and site improvements. There will also be technology additions (such as 1:1 computers at newly built Klein Cain High School in 2017) and multiple facility capital projects.[24] High School Career and Technology Education programs, music instruments, furniture, and buses are also receiving funding in the 2015 bond.[21]


Klein ISD generally offers uniform curriculum across all its elementary schools, intermediate schools, and high schools.

College classes[edit]

The Klein district offers Dual Credit (DC) courses in which high school teachers who teach these courses are also college professors. These students earn both high school credit and college credit, while staying at their high school. Klein ISD also has a partnership with Lone Star College in which students can also take classes at Lone Star University Park, earning from three to 57 college credit hours. Dual credit courses offered in the district include English 3, English 4, Government/Economics, US History, Sociology, Psychology, Pre-Calculus, and Biology.[25]

Klein ISD also offers many Advanced Placement (AP) classes at all five of their high schools in math, science, English, social studies, fine arts, and foreign language courses. Students enroll in the course (approved by College Board) and then take the corresponding Advanced Placement exam at the end of the year. Taking the exam is not required, but is strongly recommended. Example courses include AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP English 3, AP English 4, AP World History, AP US History, AP Music Theory, and AP Spanish Language. Klein ISD students are only allowed to take AP classes after meeting prerequisites, such as taking Pre-AP Biology before AP Physics, and Pre-AP English 1 & English 2 to take AP English 3). Additionally, students in AP classes may not enroll in dual credit courses. At the middle school and high school level, Pre-AP classes are offered in all schools to prepare students for future AP courses, although it has no affiliation to any AP courses.[26]

The district also offers two special programs, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) at Klein Oak High School and the International Business Academy at Klein Forest High School. Both programs may be attended by any student in Klein ISD.

The IB Diploma program is for 11th and 12th graders. Students must complete and test in six specific IB subjects, write an essay of independent research, complete 150 hours of service, and complete the Theory of Knowledge course.[27] This program requires an application and interview, in which students apply in the spring semester of their 8th/9th grade years. The district recommends that students take Pre-IP (Pre-International Programme) classes before they enter the IB program.[28]

The International Business Academy is a four-year magnet program in which the core curriculum is emphasized, however students focus on a concentration they choose: either Accounting/Finance or Marketing/Management. Students in the International Business Academy take extra courses with emphasis in foreign language and business. Students participate in community service, visit businesses, and interact with the community in order to complete the program. Like the IB program, the International Business Academy requires an application, and possibly an interview. [29]

Foreign languages[edit]

Klein ISD offers four main foreign language courses: French, Spanish, German, and Latin. All four of these language courses are taught with curriculum approved by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and supplemented with textbooks for each course. German and Latin have four years of instruction total - starting in German/Latin 1-3 and ending with AP French/Latin Language. French, however, has five years of instruction total, French 1-4 and ending with AP French Language. Spanish, like French, has five years of instruction, but offers Spanish 1-3 and then offers AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Culture.[30] In the 2017-2018 school year, Klein ISD will be adding Chinese and American Sign Language to its course selection, but no classes have been held yet for these two courses.[31]

Career and technical education[edit]

Klein ISD offers many different high school courses for students wishing to take CTE classes, such as Animal Science, Accounting, Health Science, and Forensic Science.[32] Students also have the option to participate in many different types of clubs that are called Career Technical Student Organizations. These clubs include the Business Professionals of America, DECA, Health Occupations Students of America, and the Technology Student Association.[33]

Fine arts[edit]

Klein ISD offers many fine arts courses, including dance, orchestra, band, and art. Students start fine arts education in elementary school, in which they take part in music classes and art classes. In intermediate school and high school, students are required to take at least one year of fine arts in order to graduate both intermediate and high schools. The district is also one of the 2017 Best Communities for Music Education awarded by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation.[34]

STEM education[edit]

Klein ISD has a partnership with the JASON Project, in which each student and staff member get access to JASON materials and curriculum. This includes lab activities, games, digital labs, articles, and other resources.[35] All JASON resources fit within the TEKS state standards and supplement Klein science core curriculum.[36]

Klein ISD also operates the STEAM (the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts with Math) Express.[37] This bus travels around the district with a drop down stage, teaching students about STEM careers and many types of activities that promote STEM education. The STEAM Express has traveled to meet 43,000 Klein students and had interactions with more than 9,000 community members.[38]


Current campuses[edit]

In Klein ISD, grades pre-kindergarten through grade 5 are considered a part of elementary school, grades 6 through 8 are in intermediate school, and grades 9 through 12 a part of high school. The district also offers a Pre-Kindergarten campus for certain areas of the district for students who have not yet entered elementary school. Additionally, Klein ISD offers the Vistas High School Program for high school students who are at risk for not graduating. The program is offered to all Klein ISD high school students who are admitted based on an application and interview process.[39] As of 2018, Klein ISD operates 32 elementary schools (including Grace England Early Childhood & Pre-K Center), ten intermediate schools, and five high schools.[40]

Klein ISD creates attendance zones for neighborhoods within the boundaries of the district. All neighborhoods are zoned to a specific elementary school, intermediate school, and high school. When a new school opens, or a school becomes overcrowded, the district begins realigning and rezoning certain neighborhoods to ensure that there is balance among all schools. Students must attend the assigned schools for their neighborhood, with the exception of students who attend the International Business Academy at Klein Forest High School or the International Baccalaureate program at Klein Oak High School.[41][42][43]

Klein High School was the first high school constructed in the Klein district, built in its current location in 1963 with renovations done in 2015. Klein High has 3,900 enrolled students. Approximately forty percent of students are involved in various athletic programs within the school, including marching band, football, swimming, and basketball. The school is rated 'Met Standard' according to the Texas Education Agency's ratings of schools. The principal is Jessica Haddox, and the mascot is the Bearkat.[44]

Klein Forest High School was the second high school built in Klein ISD in 1979 and has 3,661 enrolled students. Klein Forest is the only school in the district that offers the International Business Academy, a four-year magnet program in which students enroll in classes focused on business, foreign language, and worldwide culture. The current principal is Lance Alexander and the mascot is the Golden Eagle.[45][46][47]

Klein Oak High School was the third high school built in 1982 and has 4,253 enrolled students. The school is designated as a Model Professional Learn Community School and also is the only school in the Klein district that offers the International Baccalaureate program, offered to all students at Klein Oak. The current principal is Thomas Hensley and the mascot is the Panther.[48][49]

Klein Collins High School was the fourth high school built in 2001 and has 3,583 enrolled students. The high school was named after Dr. Richard Collins, a former superintendent of Klein ISD. The school is currently designated a "Met Standard" campus by the Texas Education Agency. The current principal of the high school is Randy Kirk and the mascot is the Tiger.[50]

Klein Cain High School is the fifth and newest high school, built in 2017. The high school was named after Dr. Jim Cain, a former superintendent who retired in 2015. In its first year, Klein Cain enrolled only 9th and 10th grade students. The school added 11th grade students in 2018-2019, and will operate as a full 9-12 high school beginning in 2019-2020.[51] The current principal is Nicole Patin and the mascot is the Hurricanes.

Former campuses[edit]

  • Klein Intermediate School: Situated next to what is currently Klein High School, the original Klein Intermediate, not to be confused with the existing one, opened in 1967. It became the Klein HS 9th grade building in 1975, and later became Kleb Intermediate School, again not to be confused with the existing one, in 1981. Beginning in 1993 it served as the Klein Annex, and alternative education facility for students with persistent and serious behavior issues.[6] It was torn down and its functions moved to a new building on an adjacent site, while the site of the original building became playing fields.
  • Klein Elementary School: Located next to original Klein High School on Spring Cypress Road, Klein Elementary School opened in 1940 and was renamed Klein Middle School in 1971. The building was removed in 2007 as it had been deemed unsafe for habitation and to make way for the construction of the Network Operation Center.[6]
  • Garden City Elementary School: Located on W. Montgomery Road just south of the present day Nitsch Elementary School, this school opened in 1956 and closed in the 1970s.[6]
  • Recreation Acres Elemenatary School: This school served southern part of district and opened in 1949.[6]
  • Kohrville Schoolhouse: Located at the present-day corner of Spring-Cypress and Huffsmith-Kohrville Road, this school opened in 1895 and closed in 1967. During the period of segregation, this was the African American School, and served the community of Kohrville.[6]

Future campuses[edit]

Elementary School 33[edit]

At the June 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting, the project initiated for Elementary School No. 33 and architectural firm IBI Group will be helping design the school. The school's design is still in its early stages and designing plans have began, including input from students. This elementary school will be located at the intersection of Frassati Way and Spring Steubner Road, across the street from Zwink Elementary. Elementary School No. 33 is estimated to finish construction in August 2019.[20]

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