Kleine Krieg

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Kleine Krieg
Studio album by The Legendary Pink Dots
Released 1981
Genre Experimental
Label Mirrordot, Terminal Kaleidoscope (UK)
235 (Denmark)
The Legendary Pink Dots chronology
Only Dreaming
Kleine Krieg
Brighter Now

Kleine Krieg is a 1981 album by The Legendary Pink Dots.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Defeated"
  2. "Deflated"
  3. "Black Highway"
  4. "Soma Bath"
  5. "Peace Krime #2"
  6. "Break Day"
  7. "The Palace Of Love"
  8. "Stoned Obituary"
  9. "Stars On Sunday"
  10. "Vigie"
  11. "Legacy"
  12. "One For the Pearl Moon"
  13. "Doll's House"
  14. "Brill"
  15. "Down From the Country"
  16. "Thursday Night Fever"
  17. "Closet Kings" / "Die With Your Eyes On" *

(*) "Die With Your Eyes On" appears on the 235 Tapes release, but omits "Closet Kings".


  • Edward Ka-Spel – vocals/keyboards
  • April Iliffe – vocals/piano
  • Phil Harmonix (Phil Knight) – synthesizer
  • Rolls Anotherone (Roland Calloway?) – bass
  • Rik Chevrolet – guitars
  • May B. Irma Mazed (Sally Graves?) – keyboards


The first edition was released by Mirrordot and limited to 120 copies, all with different handmade covers. The 235 Tapes edition came packaged with a model kit of a tank or an aeroplane, intended to be assembled while listening to the music.