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The runic inscription found in the Kleines Schulerloch cave, Altmühltal, near Essing, Bavaria, was discovered in 1937. It reads

birg : leub : selbrade,

probably meaning "Birg, beloved of Selbrad", next to a drawing of an ibex or stag scratched into the stone (which is, however, of Pleistocene age, far older than the inscription). From the 1950s on, the inscription has been considered a hoax by many scholars. However, the discovery of a parallel inscription in grave 172 of the "Unterer Stollen" cemetery in Bad Krozingen in 2001, reading

boba : leub | agirike

revived discussions regarding the authenticity of the Kleines Schulerloch inscription. Nevertheless, in 2003, Looijenga concluded that the inscription is an obvious falsification.[1] In 2012, Findell, while accepting the Bad Krozingen inscription as genuine, still considered the Kleines Schulerloch inscription to be suspect.[2]



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