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Overview of Klemzig Interchange looking outbound
Looking from Zone A to Zone B

Klemzig Interchange (previously known as Klemzig Station) is an interchange on the O-Bahn Busway in Adelaide, South Australia, located in the suburb of Klemzig. It is the first stop on the route, being located 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) from the Adelaide CBD on the eastern side of OG Road. The next stop is Paradise Interchange.

With services operated by Adelaide Metro, Klemzig Interchange was built to serve passengers connecting with the 'Circle Line' bus service, which follows the Adelaide outer ring route. Many bus services bypass Klemzig and the station has limited capacity, being the smallest of the three busway stations on the O-Bahn, and the only one to not have buses leave the busway in revenue service until the introduction of services via the O-Bahn to Oakden. Construction on Stage 1 of the O-Bahn Busway (City to Paradise Interchange) began in 1983,[1][2][3] and opened in 1986.[2]


Adelaide CBD   O-Bahn Busway   Paradise Interchange


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Coordinates: 34°53′10″S 138°38′22″E / 34.8862°S 138.6395°E / -34.8862; 138.6395