Klickitat Street

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Klickitat Street
Barnes House - Portland Oregon.jpg
The historic mansion of meatpacking magnate Frank Barnes at number 3533.[1]
Maintained by City of Portland
Length 3.9 mi[2] (6.3 km)
Location Portland, Oregon
West end Northeast 11th Avenue 45°32′48″N 122°39′18″W / 45.546759°N 122.654874°W / 45.546759; -122.654874 (west end of Klickitat Street)
East end Northeast 84th Avenue 45°32′47″N 122°34′36″W / 45.546323°N 122.576776°W / 45.546323; -122.576776 (east end of Klickitat Street)

Klickitat Street is a city street located in northeast[3] Portland, Oregon, United States. The main stem of the street is 3.75-mile (6.04 km) long, and runs east-west parallel to—and one block south of—northeast Fremont Street, from its westernmost intersections with North Vancouver Avenue and North Williams Avenue to Northeast 67th Avenue.[4] Additional disconnected segments are east of Rocky Butte from 105th to 117th,[5] 148th to 154th,[6] and 163rd to 165th.[7] A segment named Klickitat Court is between 135th and 140th.[8]

The street is one of Portland's most heavily used bicycle throughways and was selected as one of 15 streets slated for improvement as a "next-generation bicycle boulevard" by the city of Portland.[4] Planned improvements included a flashing beacon at the intersection with NE 33rd, which can be enabled by bicyclists and pedestrians to increase safety and maintain low vehicular traffic.[9]

The street is named after a local Native American tribe, the Klickitat, and was made famous because it is the fictional home of the characters Henry Huggins, Ramona Quimby and Beatrice "Beezus" Quimby in a series of children's novels by Beverly Cleary.[10] Cleary grew up on nearby Hancock Street, and said the name reminded her of "the sound of knitting needles."[11] There are statues of the characters in the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden in nearby Grant Park.[12]

The street at 81st Avenue

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Coordinates: 45°32′49″N 122°36′45″W / 45.546942°N 122.612478°W / 45.546942; -122.612478