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Klik (Hebrew: קליק‎) is an Israeli candy brand originally created by "Vered HaGalil", a company later sold to Unilever. They sell numerous chocolate products such as chocolate-covered corn flakes and malted milk balls.

In 2011, the brand was the second leading chocolate brand is Israel with a 11.4% market share, compared to the 28.2% held by market leader Cow Chocolate.[1]

Between 1992 and 2003 a sub-brand named "Glik" was sold to the Ultra-Orthodox community and was kosher certified by Edah HaChareidis.[2]

In 2016 following an attempted cover up of Salmonella contamination in Unilever's cereal production line, sales of Unilever products, including Klik, plummeted.[3][4]

In recent years, Unilever has been criticized for significantly raising the effective price of Klik by reducing package sizes while retaining the previous price.[5][6]


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