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The Kirill Klimov Experimental Design Bureau under the direction of Vladimir Yakovlevich Klimov (Влади́мир Я́ковлевич Кли́мов) (1892-1962) designed engines for Soviet aircraft. The OKB was formed in the early 1930s to produce and improve upon the liquid-cooled Hispano-Suiza 12Y V-12 piston engine for which the USSR had acquired a license.

In 1946 the British government allowed Rolls-Royce to sell a number of Nene and Derwent V turbojet engines to the Soviet Union. Klimov OKB was given the task of copying them, without the knowledge or permission of the West, as the VK-1 and RD-500.

Piston engines[edit]

During WWII, designations were changed from M (motor) to VK (the lead designer's initials)

Gas turbine engines[edit]

Auxiliary power unit[edit]

  • GTDE-117
  • VK-100
  • VK-150

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