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Klimhpe el. Klimhpese
Klimpfjäll is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 65°4′N 14°46′E / 65.067°N 14.767°E / 65.067; 14.767Coordinates: 65°4′N 14°46′E / 65.067°N 14.767°E / 65.067; 14.767
Country Sweden
Province Lapland
County Västerbotten County
Municipality Vilhelmina Municipality
 • Total 0,49 km2 (19 sq mi)
Population (31 December 2005)[1]
 • Total 132
 • Density 271/km2 (700/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Klimpfjäll (Southern Sami language: Klimhpe el. Klimhpese) is a village located in Vilhelmina Municipality, Västerbotten County, Sweden, about 20 km from the border to Norway and 120 km from Vilhelmina. Until the end of the 80s the village was a mining community and the population was well above 500. After the closing of the mining it declined to about 100 (2013).

In the village there are several small companies focusing on tourism. During the wintertime many choose to visit Klimpfjäll for snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing and ice fishing. There is a slalom slope located in the village with various levels of difficulty on the slopes, one for smaller kids and an additional 13 slopes for the more experienced skier.

The village has a hotel and one shop besides from the slalom slope. There are various tracks for snow mobilers and in the summer multiple mountains to climb.

Summer Hike in the mountains, go fishing, hunting or other outdoor activities. There are always something to do and places to visit around Klimpfjäll. If you enjoy mountain trekking there are various tracks including the popular 'Norgefararleden' leading you to Norway through Tjokkele.

Autumn Autumn is a beautiful season in Klimpfjäll showcasing a lovely scenery with multiple colours. Enjoy the seasonal change with a small trip to the mountains looking for the delicious mushroom chanterelle which is famous in the village and if you are lucky you will find the golden mushroom under the leaves. Autumn is also the hunting season, but do not worry, you are not likely to stumble across any hunters or elks in the search for chanterelles or berries.

Winter Winters up north in Sweden are cold. You have chances of spotting the northern light if you are up north which is a beautiful view.

Spring A popular season is the springtime as it gets warmer and there are more activities in Klimpfjäll. Each Easter the village gets populated by tourists and all holiday homes are crowded. Fishing competitions are arranged and the weather allows for daylong trips on the snowmobile or staying closer to the village for skiing / snowboarding in the slopes.


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