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Klip[1] is an XML file that contains markup, styles and JavaScript that provides the Klipfolio dashboard platform with rules for the retrieval, interpretation, and presentation of arbitrary information sources such as web pages, RSS feeds, databases, and proprietary XML back-ends. The Klip file extension is ".klip".

When opened in Klipfolio, a Klip is rendered as a small window that displays text and image content. The size, position and visibility of the Klip on-screen is managed by the user. Settings particular to each Klip can be found in a "Klip Setup" dialog.

Klips are considered by most to be widgets, and Klipfolio Dashboard a widget engine. Klips provide all manner of information such as weather conditions, news headlines, stock quotes etc.

Example usage[edit]

This very simple example can be written using a plain text or XML editor.

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <title>My Klip</title>
      <description>Your Description here....</description>
      <author>The author of the Klip</author>
      <keywords>15 keywords maximum to upload to KlipFarm the Klip directory</keywords>

Saving it as first.klip will allow you to open it using Klipfolio Dashboard.

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  1. ^ USPTO: Computer software used to display, enable access to, and/or monitor news, current events, and other Internet information sources on data processing devices. [1]

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