Klobuk, Ljubuški

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Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Canton West Herzegovina
Municipality Ljubuški
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)

Klobuk is a village in the municipality of Ljubuški, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located about 12 km from the town of Ljubuški on the regional road M-6 (Grude - Ljubuški - Čapljina - Metković) and some 5 km away from the border crossing with Croatia. It has got its name from the Klobuk hill, that's central to the place, whose specific shape resembles a type of hat. (Klobuk eng. hat)

Klobuk has 12 hamlets - Kapel Mala, Pržine, Šiljevište, Borajna, Zastražnica, Poljane, Vlake, Čuljkova Njiva, Dabranja, Brdo, Osoje and Drače.


Klobuk was first mentioned in 1585 in an Ottoman list of villages.[1]


Year of census 1991. 1981. 1971.
Croats 1.555 (98,48%) 1.721 (98,06%) 1.974 (99,59%)
Muslims 0 0 1 (0,05%)
Serbs 0 2 (0,11%) 2 (0,10%)
Yugoslavs 0 17 (0,96%) 0
others and unknown 24 (1,51%) 15 (0,85%) 5 (0,25%)
totally 1.579 1.755 1.982

Notable people[edit]

  • Ivan Musić (1848 - 1888), a Catholic priest, later given the title Duke (Vojvoda) of Herzegovina by Prince Nikola of Montenegro for leading the uprisal against the Ottomans in 1875 and 1878.
  • Petar Barbarić (1874 - 1897), a charismatic Catholic priest who lived a life of heroic virtue, proclaimed venerable and expected to be beatified by the Pope Francis.
  • Zvonimir Remeta (1909 - 1964), an author and writer.
  • Zlatka Erika Artuković, a poet and journalist.
  • Milan Artuković, former Managing Director of Franck plc. (d.o.o.), Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Nevenko Barbarić, Mayor of Ljubuski.
  • Dubravko Grgić, founder of Agram and Euroherz insurance companies, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia.
  • Milijan Brkić, a Vice-President of Croatian Parliament (Sabor) and Vice-Chair of HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union).
  • Marija Pejčinović Burić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign & European Affairs of Croatia.
  • Božo Skoko, a university professor and TV personality, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Lukas Čuljak, a footballer. VfB Stuttgart, Bundesliga. HNK Cibalia, Croatia. Brechin and Aberdeen, Scottish League One.
  • Antoni Jurčić "Cronite", Germany based rapper and hip-hop singer.


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Coordinates: 43°16′43″N 17°26′45″E / 43.2786°N 17.4458°E / 43.2786; 17.4458