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The Klondike Open is a darts tournament that has been held since 1958 in Edmonton, Alberta. The 2012 event (October 5-7) is the 55th annual[1]. The tournament is currently ranked by Darts Alberta, National Darts Federation of Canada, World Darts Federation, and British Darts Organisation. The organising body is the Edmonton City Dart League which has been in existence since 1946.

List of winners[edit]

Year Champion Score Runner-Up Total
Prize Money
Champion Runner-Up
2004 Canada Gerry Convery  ?-? Canada Tim Prokop  ?  ?  ?
2005 Canada Gerry Convery  ?-? England Tony Martin  ?  ?  ?
2006 Canada Gerry Convery  ?-? Canada Ken MacNeil  ?  ?  ?
2007 Canada Gerry Convery  ?-? Canada Martin Tremblay  ?  ?  ?
2008 Canada Clint Clarkson  ?-? Canada Ken MacNeil C$2,400 C$960 C$480
2009 Canada Keith Way  ?-? Canada Chris Scutt C$2,400 C$960 C$480
2010 Canada Bryce Book 5-1 Canada Dion Laviolette C$2,400 C$960 C$480

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