Klondike derby

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Klondike derby
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Country United States, Canada
Date Winter
 Scouting portal
The Klondike derby of the BSA Transatlantic Council at Germany, 1984 near Garmisch-Partenkirchen: German Scouts of the Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg.

A Klondike derby is an annual event held by some Boy Scouts of America and Scouts Canada districts during the winter months and is based on the heritage of the Klondike Gold Rush.[1] BSA units have been running Klondike derbies since 1949.[2]

The event varies by district, but the typical Klondike derby consists of several stations where patrols/units must test their Scoutcraft skills and their leadership abilities, earning points towards a total score.[3]

The unit must transport their gear on a homemade sled pulled by the Scouts. Districts may have specific guidelines for the construction of sleds.[4]


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