Kloten Balsberg railway station

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Kloten Balsberg
2011-05-09 09-56-58 Switzerland Kanton Zürich Glattbrugg Rohr Platten-Balsberg.jpg
Kloten Balsberg station can be seen to the left of this photograph; the railway platform crosses the bridge over the road, whilst the tram platforms are to the left and linked by footbridge
Location Kloten Balsberg,
Canton of Zürich,
Coordinates 47°26′31″N 8°34′15″E / 47.441985°N 8.570763°E / 47.441985; 8.570763Coordinates: 47°26′31″N 8°34′15″E / 47.441985°N 8.570763°E / 47.441985; 8.570763
Owned by Swiss Federal Railways
Operated by Swiss Federal Railways
Line(s) Zürich–Winterthur
Platforms 1
Connections Zürich trams (routes 10 and 12)
Preceding station   Swiss rail network   Following station
Opfikon   Zürich S-Bahn
S7 service

Kloten Balsberg is a railway station in the Swiss canton of Zürich and municipality of Kloten. The station is located on the Zürich–Winterthur railway line and is an interchange point between the Zürich S-Bahn and the Stadtbahn Glattal light rail system. The station is served by S-Bahn line S7, and by Zürich tram routes 10 and 12, operating on behalf of the Stadtbahn Glattal.[1][2][3][4]

Although the S-Bahn station is situated only 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) from the main terminal of Zürich Airport, it was bypassed by the opening, in 1980, of a new line directly serving the Zürich Airport railway station in the basement of that terminal. Since 2008, the Stadtbahn Glattal has provided a new direct route to the airport.[4]


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