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Highest point
Elevation 254.33 m above sea level (NHN) (834.4 ft)
Listing Highest elevation in the borough of Dortmund
Coordinates 51°25′20″N 7°28′15″E / 51.42222°N 7.47083°E / 51.42222; 7.47083Coordinates: 51°25′20″N 7°28′15″E / 51.42222°N 7.47083°E / 51.42222; 7.47083
Location North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Parent range Ardey Hills

The Klusenberg is, at 254.33 m above NHN, the highest elevation on the territory of the city of Dortmund.

The Klusenberg part of the Ardey Hills lies west of the Hohensyburg. To the south its slopes fall away into the Hengsteysee lake. The Klusenberg is wooded with just a few residential houses.