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Knäppupp (Swedish: "unbutton") was the collective name of a popular revue series produced by Swedish musician and entertainer Povel Ramel. It was associated with Knäppupp AB, the production company that was set up specifically for the purpose of managing and financing the theatrical performances. The company was active from 1952 to 1968. Ramel was the driving force behind the revues and wrote and performed most of the material himself. Among the more prolific co-actors were Martin Ljung and Brita Borg.


Date Name Translation Notes
1952 Knäppupp 1: Akta Huvet Watch Out Your Head / Mind Your Head The name was because Povel came in a cable way over the crowd in Circus in Gothenburg, and he screamed: "Watch Out! Here comes Grandfather!"
1953 Djuprevyn: 2 Neter The Deep-Vaudeville, 2 Metre
1954 Knäppupp 2: Denna Sida Upp This Side Up
1956 Knäppupp 3: Tillstymmelser Suggestions
1958 Funny Boy
1961 Alla 4 All 4 The summer-version was called Semestersångarna (The Vacation Singers)
1962 Dax Igen It's Time Again
1964 Ryck Mej I Snöret Pull Me in the String
1965 Ta Av Dej Skorna Take Off Your Shoes
1966 På Avigan The Wrong Way Around
1968 De Sista Entusiasterna The Last Enthusiasts


Date Name Notes
1954 I Rök Och Dans
1956 Ratataa/The Staffan Stolle Story
1957 Far Till Sol Och Vår
1958 Den Store Amatören
1959 Sköna Susanna Och Gubbarna This film was not successful, playing at 1 cinema for a week.