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Knafo Klimor Architects was founded by David Knafo and Tagit Klimor in 1980. The firm operates from two branches (one in Tel Aviv, Israel and one in Haifa, Israel) with a diverse staff including architects, urban planners and designers. Knafo Klimor Architects rose to international prominence with their win of the 2007 International Competition for Sustainable Housing, held by Living Steel.[1] The design introduced a new sustainable housing typology, called Agro-Housing, which combines agricultural practices and urban living conditions. Tagit Klimor is a lecturer at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.[2]

Selected Exhibitions[edit]

  • July 2010 "The Visible and Invisible City", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • May 2010 "Architecture of Necessity", WOOD 2010, Virserum Art Museum, Sweden (for Agro-Housing)
  • March 2010 "Dwelling Fragments", The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan
  • February 2010 "The First Haifa Mediterranean Biennale of Contemporary Art", Haifa (for Agro-Housing)
  • June 2009 "Israel 2 - Project of the Year finalists 2007-2008", ZeZeZe Gallery, Tel Aviv Port
  • May 2009 "Here and Now", Fredric R. Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv
  • September 2008 "Dwelling in Green towards Sustainable Regionalism", ZeZeZe Gallery, Tel Aviv Port
  • May 2008 "Facing Tomorrow", The Israeli Presidential Conference (for Agro-Housing – A New Way of Living)
  • August 2007 "This is Israel, Contemporary Architecture from Israel", ZeZeZe Gallery, Tel Aviv Port (for Maalot Music Conservatory)
  • September 2007 "China International Architectural Expo 2007", Beijing, China (for Agro-Housing)
  • March 2007 "Here and Now", "Ot Haitzuv", Wohl Centre (for Ruppin Academic Library and Memorial)
  • January 2007 "Conservation of historic buildings and sites – from study to realization", The third assembly for the preservation of construction heritage, Acre (for The Israeli Embassy in Paris - Rehabilitation and reconstruction & Churches Path Kfar Cana – two case studies)
  • April 2006 "Haifachtura", Kastra, Haifa (for Haifa Police Headquarters, Neot Geriatric Hospital & Eco Housing)
  • April 2006 "The Green Campus", Beit Berl College (for Ruppin Academic Library and Memorial)
  • July 2006 "Our streets", Merhav, Tel Aviv Port (for The Churches Street - Kfar Cana)
  • December 2005 "Architecture in Detail", The Israeli Architects association, Beit Yad Labanim Haifa, The 5th Israeli Architecture Biennial, Jerusalem (for Maalot Music Conservatory)


  • 2008 "The Transparent House", Public Building Design - Award for Excellence, “Klil Industries LTD”
  • 2008 "Scroll Of Light" Synagogue Caesarea, The Year Award by “Architecture of Israel” (AI) [3]
  • 2007 "Agro-Housing", Wuhan, China, Winning Entry in Living Steel's International Competition for Sustainable Housing
  • 2006 Caesarea Hi-Tech Park, The Caesarea Development Company, Competition Winners
  • 2006 "Halal Saf" Installation Competition, Tel Aviv Port, Competition Winner
  • 2006 "Urban Life" Haifa, Engineering Administration Square, Haifa, Competition Winners
  • 2005 "Scroll Of Light" Synagogue Caesarea, Competition Winners [4]
  • 2000 Residence Towers, Sapir, Haifa, The Quality Prize by Haifa Municipality
  • 1999 Academic Library and Memorial, Ruppin Academic Center, Competition Winners [5]
  • 1998 "Sapir Heights" in Haifa, Housing Design Award of Best Design, Competition Winners
  • 1997 Sports Hall at Shoham, Merhav 97 Citation Award, Israeli Architects Association
  • 1995 Misgav Culture Center, The Israeli Architects Association Award
  • 1985 "The Public Place in the Kibbutz", The "Musa Harif” Award


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