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Croatian knedle in a pan
Type Dumpling
Main ingredients Potato dough, fruit
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A Knedla (pl. knedle) is a fruit-filled dumpling. Knedle usually use potato dough and are filled with fruit. For example, knedle made with plums (or other fruit) is a Czech, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian sweet dish that is often eaten as a sweet dinner.

The method of cooking knedle varies by country and region. Whereas a pierogi may be boiled and then fried, a knedla is simply boiled and then eaten as is.

Plum knedle are filled with fresh plums. The preparation can include removing the stone and stuffing the fruit with sugar. The plums are then completely wrapped in dough and dropped in boiling water. When they start floating, they are taken out, sprinkled with sugar, and served. They can also be covered with breadcrumbs fried in butter. Cinnamon or sour cream are sometimes added before serving.

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