Knickerbocker Bicycle Bridge

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Knickerbocker Bicycle Bridge
Coordinates 44°02′43″N 123°03′08″W / 44.0453°N 123.0522°W / 44.0453; -123.0522Coordinates: 44°02′43″N 123°03′08″W / 44.0453°N 123.0522°W / 44.0453; -123.0522
Carries bicycle and pedestrian traffic, water main
Crosses Willamette River
Locale Eugene, Oregon
Official name Willie Knickerbocker Bridge
Owner EWEB
Material concrete
Total length 523 feet (159 m)
Width 14 feet (4.3 m)
No. of spans 5
Piers in water 3
Architect OBEC Consulting Engineers
Construction start 1978
Construction end 1980
Construction cost $440,000
Inaugurated September 27, 1980
Toll none
Knickerbocker Bicycle Bridge is located in Eugene OR
Knickerbocker Bicycle Bridge
Knickerbocker Bicycle Bridge
Location in Eugene, Oregon
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Knickerbocker Bicycle Bridge (officially the Willie Knickerbocker Bridge) is a bridge across the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon, United States. The bridge was dedicated in 1980.[1]

The bridge was originally constructed to carry a Eugene Water & Electric Board water main for $330,000. The city and county added the bridge deck, rails, and approaches for $110,000.[2]

The bridge is named for Willie Knickerbocker (1868–1960), "The Father of Bicycling in Eugene".[1]

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