Knight Rider: The Game

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Knight Rider: The Game
Knight Rider The Game.jpg
Knight Rider cover art
Developer(s) Davilex Games
Publisher(s) Tri Synergy[1]
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
  • EU: November 22, 2002
  • NA: February 12, 2003
KR2: 2004
Genre(s) Action, Racing
Mode(s) Single-player

Knight Rider: The Game is a video game developed by Davilex Games based on the original television series of the same name.

The game was released in Europe on PlayStation 2 and PC on November 22, 2002 and in North America on the PC on February 12, 2003. The game allows the player to take control of KITT - the Knight Industries Two Thousand, in a range of missions including, racing, exploring, chasing and others. The player will also meet famous villains from the original series, including KARR and Garthe Knight.[2]


Knight Rider: The Game 2[edit]

A sequel was also produced, named Knight Rider: The Game 2, which was again developed by Davilex Games and was published by Koch Media November 5, 2004 for PC and PlayStation 2.[3]



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