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Rahinnane Castle, residence of the Knights from c. 1500 to c. 1650

Knight of Kerry (Irish: Ridire Chiarraí[1]), also called The Green Knight is one of three Anglo-Irish hereditary knighthoods, all of which existed in Ireland since feudal times. The other two were The White Knight (surname fixed as Fitzgibbon), being dormant since the 17th century, and the Knight of Glin (The Black Knight), dormant since 2011. All three belong to the FitzGerald dynasty, being created by the Earls of Desmond for their kinsmen.

Sir Maurice Buidhe Fitz John, 1st Knight of Kerry, was the illegitimate son of John FitzGerald, 1st Baron Desmond and feudal Lord of Connello (d. 1261 Battle of Callann), son of Thomas Fitzmaurice, son of Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Lanstephan, son of the Princess Nest ferch Rhys of Deheubarth and Gerald de Windsor.

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