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Knights of Valour Title Screen.jpg
Title screen of Knights of Valour (1999)
Publisher(s)International Games System
Platform(s)Arcade, Mobile App
Genre(s)Beat 'em up

Knights of Valour (simplified Chinese: 三国战纪; traditional Chinese: 三國戰紀; pinyin: Sān Guó Zhàn Jì) is a side-scrolling beat 'em up video game series released by International Games System (IGS). The plot is loosely adapted from the 14th century Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong, and features the Five Tiger Generals, Zhuge Liang, Diaochan and others as playable characters. The gameplay involves the use of magical powers that are not featured in other games also based on the novel.

The series includes eleven games, including five main titles: Knights of Valour (1999), Knights of Valour 2 (2000), Knights of Valour: The Seven Spirits (2003), Knights of Valour 3 (2011), and the remade Knights of Valour (2015). The original games were developed for arcades and released in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. All but two games in the series ran on the IGS' own PolyGame Master arcade hardware, the exceptions being KOV The Seven Spirits, which was released on Sammy Corporation's Atomiswave (later received a homebrew port for the Dreamcast in 2020),[1][2] and the Knights of Valour 3D iteration, which was released online for PlayStation 4 and mobile.

On 17 September 2014 at the Tokyo Game Show, IGS announced the release of a 3D installment of Knights of Valour for the PlayStation 4. A preview trailer was showcased and featured Japanese in-game character voices. The free-to-play game was slated for release in Spring 2015 in Asia and Japan.[3] In January 2015 at the Taipei Game Show, it was announced the game had been delayed to a summer release. The game will be monetized by selling the ability to continue after being defeated and will support up to for online players. [4]

On 4 March 2015, a beta version was released for trial for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PS4 and ran until 19 March.[5]

On 3 February 2017, it was announced by GamesInFlame that they would be publishing the game in Europe and Australia starting that month.[6]


Character Knights of Valour (1999) KOV Plus (1999) KOV Superheroes (1999) KOV2 (2000) KOV2 Nine Dragons (2001) KOV The Seven Spirits (2003) KOV Superheroes Plus (2004) KOV2 New Legend (2008) KOV3 (2011) Knights of Valour (3D) (2015)
Zhao Yun
Guan Yu
Zhang Fei
Ma Chao
Huang Zhong
Zhuge Liang
Zhang Liao
Lu Xun
Xu Chu
Pang Tong
Sun Quan
Lü Bu
Lü Shuangshuang
Zhou Yu
Liu Bei
Huang Yun
Zhou Tai
Cao Zhang
Sun Shangxiang
Xiahou Yuan
Meng Huo
Wei Yan
Xiahou Dun
Ma Dai
Lü Meng
Huang Gai
Cao Ren
Gan Ning
Zhen Ji
Zhang He
Guo Jia
Huang Yueying
Pang De
Sun Ce
Jiang Wei
Sima Yi
Niu Jin
Xu Huang
Cheng Yu
Cao Cao
Zuo Ci
Inugami (犬神)

Games released[edit]

English Title Chinese Title System Year
Knights of Valour 三國戰紀
Sānguó Zhàn Jì
IGS PGM 1999
Knights of Valour Plus 三國戰紀正宗PLUS
Sānguó Zhàn Jì Zhèngzōng Plus
IGS PGM 1999
Knights of Valour Superheroes 三國戰紀:風雲再起
Sānguó Zhàn Jì - Fēngyún Zàiqǐ
IGS PGM 1999
Knights of Valour 2 三國戰紀2
Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2
IGS PGM 2000
Knights of Valour 2 - Nine Dragons 三國戰紀2:群雄爭霸
Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2 - Qúnxióng Zhēngbà
IGS PGM 2001
Knights of Valour: The Seven Spirits 三國戰紀:七星轉生
Sānguó Zhàn Jì - Qīxīng Zhuǎnshēng
Sammy Atomiswave 2003
Knights of Valour Superheroes Plus 亂世梟雄
Luànshì Xiāoxióng
IGS PGM 2004 (China exclusive)
Knights of Valour 2 - New Legend 三國戰紀2:橫掃千軍
Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2 - Héngsǎo Qiān Jūn
IGS PGM2 2008
Knights of Valour 3 三國戰紀3
Sānguó Zhàn Jì 3
IGS PGM2 2011 (China exclusive)
Knights of Valour 3 HD 三國戰紀3 HD
三国战纪3 HD
Sānguó Zhàn Jì 3 HD
IGS PGM3 2012 (China exclusive)
Knights of Valour 三國戰紀
Sānguó Zhàn Jì
PlayStation 4 2015


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