Knights of the Teutonic Order (film)

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Knights of the Teutonic Order
Directed byAleksander Ford
Screenplay byJerzy Stefan Stawiński
Aleksander Ford
Henryk Sienkiewicz (novel)
Produced byZygmunt Król
StarringGrażyna Staniszewska
Urszula Modrzyńska
Mieczysław Kalenik
Aleksander Fogiel
CinematographyMieczysław Jahoda
Music byKazimierz Serocki
Zespół Filmowy
Release date
  • 15 July 1960 (1960-07-15)
Running time
166 minutes
CountryPeople's Republic of Poland
Budgetzl 38,000,000 [1]
Box officezl 100,000,000 (by March 1961)[1]

Knights of the Teutonic Order (Polish: Krzyżacy) is a 1960 Polish film directed by Aleksander Ford based on the novel of the same name by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

The plot is situated in the late-14th century and early-15th century Poland and centers on the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War (1409-1411) and the final Battle of Grunwald (1410). 15,000 extras were employed to create the battle scenes.[2] The film attracted to cinema masses of viewers and remains one of the most attended films in Polish history: it sold 2 million tickets within several months,[3] 14 million after four years and as of 1987, it had some 32,315,695 admissions. It was also exported to forty-six foreign countries,[4] and sold 29.6 million tickets in the Soviet Union[5] and 2,650,700 in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic,[6] and was the most successful Polish film internationally.[7] It was a Polish submission to the 33rd Academy Awards.

It was released on 15 July 1960, the 550th anniversary of the battle of Grunwald.



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