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Knippers Helbig GmbH
Founded 2001 by Prof. Dr. Jan Knippers and Thorsten Helbig
Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany
New York City, United States
Key people
Prof. Dr. Jan Knippers
Thorsten Helbig
Boris Peter
Products Structural- and Facade Engineering; Geometry Optimization

Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering is an engineering firm based in Stuttgart and New York City. It was founded in 2001 by Prof. Dr. Jan Knippers and Dipl. Ing. Thorsten Helbig and specialises in structural design and facade engineering of German and international construction projects involving high-rise buildings, steel and timber constructions, bridges and airports. Since 2000, Prof. Knippers has been head of the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design at the University of Stuttgart. The firm works in collaboration with internationally renowned architects, like Massimiliano Fuksas, Grimshaw Architects or Stefan Behnisch and supports facade companies, such as Seele or Gartner.

The focus is on the development and programming of special solutions for complex parametrical or generated geometries of roof constructions and of façades comprising steel and glass structures, as in the façade of the Shenzhen International Airport, which features 60,000 different façade units.[1]

The design and development of the largest membrane roof worldwide, covering the 1,000 m long and 100 m wide main entrance building on the World-Exposition in Shanghai, originates by Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering, as well as the steel and glass structure of the shopping mall MyZeil in Frankfurt on the Main and the roofing of the shopping mall Westfield near London.[2]

Furthermore, the company experiments with innovative materials; e.g. Knippers Helbig is responsible for Europe’s first road bridge consisting of fibre-glass reinforced plastics.[3]

Selected Projects (with completion)[edit]


  • 2011 - Quartier M Highrise in Düsseldorf with Jürgen Mayer H.: 1. Prize
  • 2011 - Berlin Trade Fair with Wulf Architects: 2. Prize
  • 2011 - Lansberg Pedestrian Bridge: 1. Prize
  • 2010 - Kaohsiung Marine Gateway, Taiwan with Asymptote Architecture: 2. Prize
  • 2010 - IBA Building Complex in Hamburg with Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten: 1. Prize
  • 2010 - Exhibition Hall and Station in Kirchberg, Luxembourg with Pohl Architekten Stadtplaner, and SteinmetzDemeyer, architectes urbanistes: 1. Prize
  • 2010 - Central busstation, Kiel, with Giorgio Gulotta Architects: 2. Prize
  • 2010 - Footbridge 'Margaretengürtel' in Vienna with Knight Architects: 1. Prize
  • 2010 - Karlsplatz Stuttgart with Behnisch Architekten: 1. Prize
  • 2010 - Wilhelmspalais in Stuttgart with Lederer+Ragnarsdóttir+Oei: 1. Prize
  • 2009 - Trainstation Cessange, Luxembourg with Pohl Architekten und Steinmetzdemeyer: 2. Prize
  • 2009 - Pedestrian Bridges, Opladen with Knight Architects: 1. Prize
  • 2008 - Head office Wala Foundation with H4A Gessert Randecker Architekten: 1. Prize
  • 2008 - Shenzhen International Airport with Massimiliano Fuksas: 1. Prize
  • 2007 - Gewandhaus Dresden with Cheret Bozic: 1. Prize
  • 2004 - Frankfurt International Airport Terminal 3 with Foster and Partners: 2. Prize


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