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Original author(s) Yihui Xie
Initial release 17 January 2012 (2012-01-17)
Stable release
1.15 / 9 November 2016; 4 months ago (2016-11-09)
Written in R
Type Cross-platform
License GNU GPL

knitr is an engine for dynamic report generation with R.[1][2] It is a package in the statistical programming language R that enables integration of R code into LaTeX, LyX, HTML, Markdown, AsciiDoc, and reStructuredText documents. The purpose of knitr is to allow reproducible research in R through the means of Literate Programming. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.[3]

knitr was inspired by Sweave and written with a different design for better modularization, so it is easier to maintain and extend. Sweave can be regarded as a subset of knitr in the sense that all features of Sweave are also available in knitr. Some of knitr extensions include the R Markdown format[4] (used in reports published on RPubs[5]), caching, TikZ graphics and support to other languages such as Python, Perl, C++, Shell scripts and CoffeeScript, and so on.

knitr is officially supported in the RStudio IDE for R, LyX, Emacs/ESS and the Architect IDE for data science.

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