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Jump to: navigation, search is an online knitting magazine based in Toronto and published quarterly since fall 2002.

The magazine was founded by Amy R. Singer[1] and has been edited by her since its inception. Knitty presents free original knitting patterns, essays, and how-to articles written by professional designers and non-professional contributors. It hosts chat forums and promotes the online knitting community, and several patterns, such as Clapotis[2] and Fetching,[3] have experienced great popularity among knitters. It has also been influential in launching the careers of knitwear designers including Ysolda Teague,[4] Stefanie Japel,[5] Erica Jackofsky,[6] Stephen West,[7] Jillian Moreno,[8] Cookie A,[9] Amy Swenson,[10] Jordana Paige,[11] Cheryl Niamath[12] and many others. The often-cited "Judy's Magic Cast On"[13] and "Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off"[14] were first published in Knitty.

Singer has published four knitting-related books.[15]


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