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Knock Knock
Industry Books, Gifts, Stationery, Publishing
Founded 2002
Founder Jen Bilik
Headquarters Venice, CA, USA
Area served

Knock Knock is a book publisher and gift product company founded by Jen Bilik on January 1, 2002. The company is based in Venice, California.


Encouraged by her friends’ reception to her witty January Card (a holiday card for procrastinators) and flow-chart poster How to Find True Love (sent out for Valentine’s Day because she missed the holidays entirely), Bilik, previously a book editor, launched Knock Knock in 2002 with the proceeds from the sale of her Manhattan apartment.[1][2] Knock Knock’s initial product launch consisted of 13 items, including the January Card and the How to Find True Love poster. The debut launch also included the Personal Library Kit, a bestselling product that remains in Knock Knock’s live offerings. As of 2015, Knock Knock employs over 30 people and creates nearly 300 products annually, including its bestselling All Out Of grocery checklist pads, the What I Love About You journal, the I’m Doing My Best Inner-Truth Journal, and slang flashcards.[1]


Knock Knock’s products and books are known for their irreverence,[1] whimsy, and wit,[3] and according to the New York Times, balance “novelty with utility.”[2] According to the Wall Street Journal, “A key to Knock Knock’s success is that there are real uses for the products.”[4] Knock Knock states on its website that it “seeks to integrate art and commerce—creating original, authentic, noncynical products that support themselves in the marketplace.”[5]

Knock Knock’s all-time bestseller, the All Out Of grocery list pad

Among its hundreds of paper products, Knock Knock’s all-time bestseller is the All Out Of grocery list pad, which has sold over a million units worldwide.[6]


In 2007, Knock Knock began publishing humorous nonfiction.[3] Among its 29 current titles, the bestselling Lines for All Occasions series has sold more than a million copies worldwide.[citation needed]


In 2014, Knock Knock teamed up with San Francisco–based artist Tucker Nichols and design firm MacFadden & Thorpe to create Plumb, a new line of journals concepted and designed by contemporary artists including Nichols, Sumi Ink Club, Katherine Bradford, Nathaniel Russell, Linda Geary, Jason Pollan, Matt Furie, Ed Panar, and Liz Markus.

Awards and Recognition[edit]

Knock Knock’s products have won numerous design competitions and awards from organizations including:

Plumb Products have been featured in The New York Times[7] and its products have won design competitions and awards from organizations including:

Knock Knock, its founder Jen Bilik, and its products have been featured on television shows and in numerous print publications and websites. Knock Knock products have also been used as set dressing in television shows (30 Rock),[9] Nashville, The Big Bang Theory and in feature films (Bridesmaids).[10]

Partial List of Press[edit]


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