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Knock Out
Transformers character
Knock Out from Transformers Prime.jpg
Voiced byEnglish
Daran Norris
Yasunori Masutani
Samay Raj Thakkar
AffiliationAutobot / Decepticon (Prime)
Velocitronian (G1)
Japanese nameMedic Knock Out
Alternate modesAston Martin DB9 (Prime)
Cyertronian sports car (G1)

Knock Out is a fictional character from the computer-animated series, Transformers: Prime. The character was initially introduced as a medic of the Decepticons and responsible for taking care of Megatron while he was in a coma. After Megatron regained consciousness, he continued serving him. Despite his status as a medic, Knock Out would often participate in field missions with his partner Breakdown. Following Breakdown's death during the second season, Knock Out would often be partnered for the rest of the series with Starscream and Shockwave, to help them with their scientific experiments against the Autobots. In the series finale, after the Decepticons are defeated, Knock Out attempts to join the Autobots; a goal that he achieves in the TV film, Predacons Rising.

In 2014, a year following the show's conclusion, Knock Out was introduced in IDW Publishing's Generation 1 universe. Initially appearing in a cameo role in the first volume of The Transformers: Windblade, the character would play a larger role during the comic's second volume. Unlike Prime where he's a Decepticon, Windblade presents him as an unaligned Velocitronian and one of the planet's representatives on Cybertron's council. He was one of the main character in the ongoing series The Transformers: Till All Are One which also presented him in a relationship with fellow Velocitronian Breakdown.

While characters with the name Knock Out or Knockout have previously appeared in the Transformers franchise, this individual is an original creation of the series.[1] Created by the series' lead designer Jose Lopez, Knock Out was designed as a fast car that could act as a foil to Bumblebee. His personality, specifically his vanity, was developed after both Lopez and the studio realized he was "the sexiest bot they'd ever seen." The character has also appeared in various material relating to the cartoon, including comics and video games.

Transformers: Prime[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Knock Out is introduced as the medic of the Decepticons and the one responsible for taking care of Megatron while he was in recovery. Starscream sent him and Breakdown to obtain an Energon Harvester from a Greek museum but was confronted by the Autobots. While Starscream managed to get the weapon, Bulkhead destroyed it, and they were forced to retreat.[2] Shown as being interested in human culture, Knock Out would often participate in street racing. While at a race, he realized Bumblebee was present with Jack. Knock Out came up with a plan to kidnap Jack but ended up taking Vince by mistake. After calling Breakdown for back up, they fought with the Autobots who came to rescue Vince but realizing they got outnumbered, decided to flee as Optimus Prime ripped one of his doors off.[3]

Wishing to get rid of Megatron and become the leader of the Decepticons, Starscream recruited Knock Out's help to convince Soundwave that Megatron should get euthanized.[4] After the Autobots' attempt to kill Megatron had ended up awakening him, he ordered Knock Out and Breakdown to acquire a Cybertronian data cylinder. After a fight with Bulkhead ended up with the data getting expelled to his brain, the two of them were forced to track him down to a monster truck arena where Miko had taken him to recover his increasingly lost memories. After the fight resulted in the data getting expelled into space, Knock Out, and Breakdown retreated to the base.[5] While following Megatron's plan that would lead to the Autobots burning through their Energon supplies, Knock Out and Breakdown got attacked by Ratchet who had powered himself up using synthetic Energon. In a later fight with him, aided by Megatron, they were able to defeat and extract a sample of him. While the sample got destroyed, Knock Out was still able to find a drop of the synthetic Energon.[6] He was present when Soundwave defeated Airachnid for attempting to overthrow Megatron and during the finale when his leader returned with an amnesiac Optimus Prime.[7]

Season 2[edit]

Knock Out first appears placing the Decepticon insignia on the amnesiac Optimus Prime, calling himself Orion Pax.[8] After being sent by Megatron with Breakdown to find Cybertronian treasures, Knock Out was able to find a shield generator before the Autobots and presented it to Megatron.[9] The two of them were later sent to retrieve the Forge of Solus Prime which also proved to be a successful mission.[10] When the Decepticons' ship Nemesis crashed, Knock Out tried to persuade Megatron not to use Dark Energon to bring it back online. After the ship had gained self-awareness, it froze every Decepticon on board. After Jack and Miko purged the ship of the Dark Energon, Knock Out attempted to capture them but was stopped by Rachet. [11]

After the Autobots' human allies managed to download the locations of various Cybertronian relics while aboard the Dark Energon Nemesis, Knock Out was sent alongside an Insecticon to Manhattan's subway system and retrieved one of them. While initially securing the artifact, a phase shifter, Bumblebee was able to take it from him and Knock Out retreated.[12] At some point, Breakdown was killed by Airachnid and taken by MECH who placed Silas, the company's leader, inside his body. Initially unaware of Breakdown's fate, after his signal came back online, Knock Out sought his missing partner only to realize that Silas, now calling himself C.Y.L.A.S., was in control of Breakdown's body. After Cylas attempted to earn Megatron's favor but failed, Knock Out was allowed to torture him for what he had done to his former partner.[13]

On the search for the Omega Keys, artifacts that could resurrect Cybertron, the Decepticons manage to capture Smokescreen, the newest member of the Autobots. Tasked by Megatron with finding the location of the Autobots' base through Smokescreen, Smokescreen was able to escape and entrap Knock Out.[14] When Megatron was performing a cortical psychic patch and seeing Starscream's memories, which incriminated both Starscream and himself, Knock Out attempted to close the link and trap Megatron in Starscream's mind but was prevented by Dreadwing.[15] Upon realizing how to activate of the Omega Keys with Starscream's help, the two of them were sent by Megatron to kidnap the Autobot's human allies to use as hostages.[16] The Decepticons later used the keys to activate the Omega Lock, only for Optimus to destroy it and prevent Earth's terraforming into a new Cybertron.[17]

Season 3: Beast Hunters and Predacons Rising[edit]

After Shockwave joins the Decepticons, Knock Out is sent to obtain Predacon fossils from a museum for him to use and clone. While there, he encounters Agent Fowler and June Darby, Jack's mother. After managing to escape into a railroad yard, Knock Out threatened them into giving him the fossil, only to realize June had hidden it on a departing train. Knock Out grabbed both of them and despite being confronted by Arcee and Wheeljack, was able to escape with it.[18] It got revealed that Knock Out had used the sample of Synthetic Energon he obtained from Ratchet, using Cylas as a test subject. After mixing it with Dark Energon at Starscream's behest, Cylas got transformed into an Energon craving monster. After the situation had been resolved, Megatron ordered Knock Out to turn all of his experiments over to Shockwave.[19]

Following Ratchet's capture by the Decepticons, Knock Out let it slip that Megatron felt threatened by Predaking and deliberately let the Autobots destroy the Predacon clones. Ratchet managed to escape and informed Predaking of the Decepticons' treachery, resulting in him rampaging through their ship. During the commotion, the Autobots were able to board the ship.[20] Initially attempting to flee, he got prevented from doing so due to the fighting taking place between the Autobots and Decepticons. After the Autobots took control of the ship and revived Cybertron, Knock Out attempted to join them and be with "the winning team" but was knocked out by Miko who was wearing the Apex Armor.[21] After being locked up in a cell with some Vehicons, Knock Out tried to negotiate for his release by revealing the location of Shockwave's laboratory. After Starscream freed them, Knock Out initially assisted him in the revolt but upon realizing Starscream had no intention of protecting Cybertron, he turned on him and joined the Autobots. He later helped them in the final battle against Unicron and was present during Optimus' sacrifice to restore the AllSpark to Cybertron.[22]

Other appearances[edit]

Knock Out appears in Transformers: Prime – The Game, released in 2012, as an enemy. Following his defeat, he is playable in the game's multiplayer mode.[23] Knock Out was meant to appear in the massively multiplayer online game Transformers Universe before the game was canceled.[24] The characters also makes two brief appearances in TakaraTomy Mall's online manga series, Transformers Unite Warriors. In the final chapter, he is reunited with a resurrected Breakdown.[25]

IDW's Generation 1 Universe[edit]

Knock Out was introduced in IDW Publishing's Transformers universe in 2014. He first made a cameo appearance in The Transformers: Windblade during its fourth issue[26] which was confirmed by the comic's writer Mairghread Scott.[27]


Knock Out was first announced as a new character in September 2010 by Hasbro, with Daran Norris as his voice actor.[28] He made his first appears in the series' tenth episode titled "Deus ex Machina." Original promotional material for the episode stated that a character named Lugnut would introduce in this episode.[29] At BotCon 2011, it was revealed that Lugnut was Knock Out's original name which was changed to sound more "sexy."[30]

Regarding the creation of Knock Out and how his design and personality developed, lead designer Jose Lopez stated in the art book Transformers: Art of Prime:

When we started designing [Knock Out], the only directive was to make him a fast car, a foil for Bumblebee. I remember looking at rims and saying "just pimp him out." We gave him lots of red and gold. That made him feel more extravagant. I remember thinking that he'd be attractive in bot mode. Then the studio said that he's the sexiest bot they'd ever seen. That's where his vanity came from.[31]


In the show's page on the Cartoon Network website, Knock Out is described as vain and constantly admires himself. Additionally, he hates getting his paint damaged, with the smallest scratch "send[ing him] into a hissy fit".[32] Throughout the series, Knock Out is presented as a highly vain and self-centered individual though he is shown to genuinely care for his partner Breakdown, wishing to avenge his death.[13] Additionally, after the Decepticons were defeated, he allied himself with the Autobots and proved his loyalty by helping them stop Unicron.[22] During the BotCon 2011 panel, when questioned by a fan, the writers implied that Knock Out is homosexual and that the Decepticons follow a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy but claimed that actually there was a glitch in the All-spark during his creation .[30][33] In IDW's continuity, it was confirmed by Mairghread Scott that he and a fellow Velocitronian modelled after Prime's Breakdown are in a relationship.[citation needed]



  • Prime Cyberverse Knock Out (2012)

A new Legion Class figure, transforming from a robot to a sports car. He is featured with two clear purple weapons: a buzzsaw and a battle spear. He is also packed with an Energon Driller. This mold was later redecoed into Age of Extinction Stinger.

  • Prime Cyberverse Knock Out (orange) (2012)

Part of the fourth wave of Legion Class figures. A redeco of the original Cyberverse Knock Out in orange. Comes with a different weapon based on Ratchet's arm blades.

  • Prime Cyberverse Decepticon Set (2012)

This mold was only available in a Takara six-pack with Vehicon, Breakdown, Starscream, Megatron, and Terrorcon Cliffjumper.

  • Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Knock Out/Medic Knock Out (2012)

A new mold and part of the fifth wave of Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class figures, transforming from a robot into an Aston Martin One-77. Comes with a spear weapon. Part of the sixth wave, Knock Out was re-packaged with the Prime episode Loose Canons. The Takara version, named Medic Knock Out is a different mold from the Hasbro version, with stickers replacing Knock Out's paint job. The Takara version was redecoed into Smokescreen.

  • Prime Remote Controlled Knock Out (2012)

A small, remote-control version of the character. The remote allows Knock Out to transform from car to robot and trigger his punching action.

  • Prime Deluxe Dark Energon Knock Out (2012)

A BigBadToyStore-exclusive redeco of Prime Deluxe Knockout in transparent green and purple-colored plastic. Before being sold alone, he was sold as a set with Dark Energon versions of Bumblebee, Wheeljack, and Starscream.

  • Kre-O Street Showdown (2012)

The Street Showdown set comes with a large Knock Out, who has a spring-loaded missile launcher. As well, he rebuilds into a sports car that can seat one Kreon. He comes with two Kreons: A Kreon version of himself and the gray-suited driver. Knock Out's helmet was also used by Airachnad, Arcee, Ripclaw, Tenkatil, Sinnertwin and Fangwolf. The helmet was also used by the non-toy characters Rampage and Thunderblast.

  • Kre-O Autobot Command Center (2013)

A mystery figure from the set not appearing on the box, with a silhouette with a question mark, indicating there is one more figure. Knock Out uses different and far more detailed colors than the "Street Showdown" release.

  • Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Knock Out (2013)

A retool of the original Deluxe Knock Out figure, transforming into a customized Aston Martin One-77 colored in green and red, but mostly green. He comes with a new weapon, the "Crocto Claw", which resembles a crocodile, which can be attached to the rear in vehicle mode as a "tail".

  • Adventure Deluxe Bloody Knock Out (2015)

A Takara redeco of Beast Hunters Knock Out, replacing the green with silver, the red with black (except for the head), as well as repainting the originally-green Crocto Claw red. Despite the character already becoming an Autobot, Bloody Knockout is a Decepticon. As well, this toy hints at Knock Out appearing in the Combiner Force Season of Robots in Disguise.

Non-Transforming Merchandise[edit]

  • McDonald's Prime Knock Out (2012)

A simple toy of Knock Out in vehicle mode. By pressing the Decepticon insignia/button on him, the hood will release two pop-out guns.


Daran Norris was nominated for Best Male Vocal Performance in a TV Series in a Supporting Role – Action/Drama at the 2013 BTVA Voice Acting Awards.[34]


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