Knockout (2011 film)

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Knockout film 2011.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Anne Wheeler
Produced by Jack Nasser
Written by Joseph Nasser
Starring Steve Austin
Daniel Magder
Music by Daniel Seguin
Edited by James Ilecic
Distributed by Phase 4 Films
Release date
  • March 5, 2011 (2011-03-05)
Running time
91 mins.
Country Canada
United States
Language English
Budget $1 million

Knockout (also called Born to Fight) is a 2011 Canadian-American sports drama film directed by Anne Wheeler. The film stars Steve Austin, and Daniel Magder.


Dan Barnes (Steve Austin) is a former professional boxer who was retired from boxing after growing weary of his violent existence. Now a school janitor, Dan tries to help a new student, Matthew Miller (Daniel Magder), who recently joined the new school and is being targeted by bullies. While Matthew learns how to box and stand up to his tormentors, one of whom is the school boxing champ (Jaren Brandt Bartlett), Dan's new found role as a teacher helps him come to terms with his tumultuous past.


  • Steve Austin – Dan Barnes
  • Daniel Magder – Matthew Miller
  • Jaren Brandt Bartlett – Hector Torres
  • Emma Grabinsky – Ruby
  • Tess Atkins – Teresa Terrel
  • Samuel Patrick Chu – Nick Wirthlin
  • Julian Domingues – Joe Fielder
  • Scott Hylands – Grandfather Charlie Putman
  • Janet Kidder – Christine Miller
  • Sean Devine – Jacob Miller
  • Roman Podhura – Coach Harward
  • Catherine Lough Hagquist – Principal Lee
  • Adrian Formosa – Avery
  • Jay Jauncey – Ray
  • Benjamin Ratner – Mr. Doyle
  • Bronwen Smith – Mrs. Nasher


Knockout was set and filmed onsite in Aldergrove, and White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, and Tacoma, Washington in April and May 2010.

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