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FoundersVladimir Eskin
Vladimir Bougay
United States 

Knoema is a comprehensive source of integrated global data[1] and hosts more than 2.8 billion time series published by more than 1,200 sources including ILO, UNICEF, CIA, WHO, US Census, Facebook, Amazon, and Google.[2] Knoema offers tools that allow individuals and organizations to discover, visualize, model and present their data alongside the world’s data. Custom portals can be made publicly accessible or may remain private.[3] The company has a global team of data engineers, economists, and developers in Washington, DC and Austin, TX as well as international teams.

Knoema Enterprise[edit]

Knoema Enterprise is a solution for individual groups and organizations to provide custom data, dashboards, and visualizations using data aggregation, search, machine learning, automation, and cutting-edge web and software engineering tools[3]. Company data is integrated into a curated list of relevant global datasets, and then Knoema economists create functional models and visualizations. The custom data portal is built to provide the exact functionality to meet team needs and enable ongoing, strategic, data-driven decision making.


The company has collaborated with the Zambian Central Statistical Office to create the Zambia Data Portal [4] and the Nigeria Information Highway to create the Nigeria Data Portal. [5] The company also worked with the European Commission Joint Research Centre and the African Development Bank to explore ways for collection and distributing quality food price data in Africa.[6]


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