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Knol Tate
Origin Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States
Occupation(s) Singer/songwriter, poet, artist
Years active 1997-present
Associated acts

Knol Tate is a singer/song writer, poet, and artist hailing from Minnesota's Twin Cities. A former member of bands including Kill Sadie, The Hidden Chord, Ela, Satelitte Voices and Tate now performs under the moniker of Askeleton[1] as well as performing in Minneapolis group Deleter as the vocalist and guitarist.

Tate is also a producer/engineer and has recorded material for Vox Vermillion, Ela, Heiruspecs, Gazillion, Murder Shoes, Party House, Communist Daughter, Tin Horns, Swiss Army, Robert Skoro, Headlight, Dan Mariska, as well as all of the Askeleton material to date and the final recording from The Hidden Chord, "As The Captain And His Entourage." Tate has toured the country several times with his various projects. Knol is the older brother of drummer Erin Tate, formerly of Kill Sadie, now of Minus the Bear. Tate also DJs at local Twin Cities clubs under the name DJ Knol Tate.


Satellite Voices[edit]

  • The Moveable City Single, 2010
  • Scarlet Rays of Future Echoes, 2010


  • Isolationist EP, 2010
  • We Are The Elite EP, 2010
  • The Personalization, 2008
  • (Happy) Album, 2005
  • Angry Album -or Psychic Songs, 2004
  • The Future EP, 2004
  • Intelligence 3.5 floppy disc, 2003
  • Modern Fairy Tales, 2002
  • Sad Album, 2002


  • Real Blood on The Fake Trees, 2007. (Tate played guitar, keyboard, percussion and engineered)

The Hidden Chord[edit]

  • I've Blow It Again 7", 1999
  • Identity 7", 1999
  • Suicide Note 7", 2000
  • Eight Blue Eyes, 2000
  • Abegail Vongetti, 2001
  • As the Captain and His Entourage, 2002

Kill Sadie[edit]

  • Traitor 7" 1997
  • Kill Sadie EP 2 7", 1998
  • Half Cocked Concepts 10", 1998


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