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Wooden and plastic chopsticks

Humans in different cultures use a variety of tools to eat. This is a list of eating implements.


In some cultures, such as Ethiopian cuisine and Indian dining, breads or hands are used in place of utensils.

"Fun Dip" is a type of candy in the United States, where a solid candy "dipping stick" is used to convey flavored sugar to the eater's mouth. The dipper is first licked to provide moisture, and then dredged through a small pouch with the flavored sugar, so that the sugar sticks to the dipping stick.

Some ice cream novelties use a flat wooden spade, often erroneously called a "spoon", to lift the product to one's mouth. Prepackaged tuna salad and cracker snacks often contain a flat plastic spade for similar purposes, also erroneously referred to as a "spoon".


Combination utensils[edit]

Four types of spork

Over time, these utensils were combined in various ways in attempts to make eating more convenient or to reduce the total number of utensils required.

  • Chopfork – A utensil with a fork at one end and chopsticks/tongs at the other.[1]
  • Chork – Pointed and slightly curved tongs, which can be used like chopsticks (as pincers) or as a fork (for spearing).[2][3] A different kind of chork is a fork with a split handle, which can be broken in half to make two chopsticks.[4]
  • Forkchops – Used in a pair, these are basically a pair of chopsticks with a small fork and knife on the non-pointed ends.[5]
  • Knork – A fork with edge tines sharpened or serrated.
  • Pastry Fork - A fork with a cutting edge along one of the tines.
  • Spoon Straw – A scoop-ended drinking straw intended for slushies and milkshakes.
  • Sporf – A utensil consisting of a spoon on one end, a fork on the other, and edge tines that are sharpened or serrated.
  • Spork – Spoon and Fork
  • Splayd – Spoon and Fork and Knife
  • Spife – Spoon and Knife. Commonly referred to as "Pipina"

Utensils for specific foods[edit]

A fondue fork

Some utensils are useful only for specific foods.

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