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Origin Fukuoka, Japan [1]
Genres Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock
Years active 2001–present
Labels RUN RUN RUN Records
LD&K Records
Imperial Records
Website [1]
Members Keit (vocals,guitar)
Tohru (bass, back-up vocals)
Akihiko (drums, back-up vocals)
Ryo (Temporary)(guitar, chorus)
Mahiro (guitar, chorus)
Past members Tetsunari (guitar, back-up vocals)

Knotlamp are a Japanese rock band, currently on hiatus, who were signed to the Teichiku Records label. They formed in 2000 and self-produced their first single, Mental Age in October 2002.[2] They debuted under RUN RUN RUN Records with their mini-album, Blind Side on October 23, 2007 and released their first full album Sing Against the Stream on March 10, 2009.[2] The title song from their single LAST TRAIN-新しい朝--, was used as the second opening to the anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.[3]

The band announced a permanent "hiatus" in the fall of 2013, citing differences in opinion regarding the group's musical direction.


Current Members[edit]

  • Keit; vocalist, guitar[1]
  • Tohru; bass, back-up vocals
  • Akihiko; drums, back-up vocals
  • Mahiro; guitar, chorus

Former Members[edit]

  • Ryo; guitar, chorus (Backup Member)
  • Tetsu; guitar, chorus



  • Mental Age (Released in November, 2002) (Self-Produced)
  • Never Change (Released in July 2003) (Self-Produced)
  • NOT ALONE (Released on November 18, 2004) (Self-Produced)
  • The Limited World (Released on August 31, 2005) (Self-Produced)
  • LAST TRAIN-新しい朝-- (Released on October 22, 2008) (First single under RUN RUN RUN records)
  • Across My World (Released on June 6, 2012) (Opening to Ginga e Kickoff!!)


  • Sing Against the Stream (Released on March 10, 2009)
  • Dot of the galaxy (Released on September 7, 2010).
  • "Geoglyph" (Released on September 19, 2012)
  • Hello to Nostalgia (Released on September 18, 2013)
  • "MY PROLOGUE" (Released on January 22, 2014) (Best Album)

Mini-albums and EPs[edit]

  • My Beautiful Tracks (Released on January 20, 2007) (Self-Produced)
  • Blind Side (Released on October 23, 2007) (First mini-album under RUN RUN RUN Records)
  • Ghost of the freedom (Released on June 10, 2008)
  • Bridges We've Dreamed (Released on September 13, 2011)


  • Live against the Stream (Released on September 29, 2009)
  • "Live Direction I" (Released on March 22, 2011)