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The Knox Glass Bottle Company was a former American glass manufacturing company based in Knox, Clarion County, Pennsylvania.[1]

The great majority of the company's production was in the form of glass bottles with 7 k inside of a keystone 404 many of which were beer bottles, milk bottles, and a large number of glass medicine bottles in a variety of standard sizes. Bottle collectors identify the company's products through the mould numbers and distinctive letter-in-a-keystone mark on the base of the bottles.[2][3]


The founder of the Knox Glass Bottle Company was Roy Underwood (1887−1951).[1] During its operations, from 1917 to 1968, the company acquired 16 other glassmaking companies−plants in the United States.[1][4]

A lawusuit between the company and a former executive (Knox Glass Bottle Company v. Underwood, 89 So.2d 799 (Miss. 1956)) "was the first Mississippi Supreme Court case to define in detail the fiduciary duties of a corporate director and officer," according to a law firm that represented one of the parties.[5]

The company was acquired by the Glass Container Corporation in 1968, which filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in Delaware in 1999.[6]


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