Knuckle Bash

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Japanese arcade flyer of Knuckle Bash.
Japanese arcade flyer of Knuckle Bash. On top from left to right: Kyaputeso, Okina, Mr. Hayate. On bottom from left to right: Jack Brow, Michael Sobut, El Plancha.
Developer(s) Toaplan Co., Ltd.
Publisher(s) Toaplan, Atari
Designer(s) Junya Inoue (designer)
Platform(s) Arcade
Release 1993
Genre(s) 2D beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (two players)
Display Horizontal orientation

Knuckle Bash (ナックルバッシュ?) is a 1993 side-scrolling beat 'em up arcade game developed and published by Toaplan in Japan, later released in North America and Europe by Atari.

It was designed by Junya Inoue, who among other things would join the Toaplan successor Gazelle and designed another arcade beat 'em up, that one based on the Sailor Moon property.


Knuckle Bash resembles Capcom's Final Fight, which many beat 'em ups would resemble for some time. Unlike that game, the stages of Knuckle Bash chiefly consist of various "scenarios" of single or few strong boss-like enemies, instead of the typical long series of weaker enemies with a boss at the end of the stage. It also completely lacks weapons or objects of any sort.

The game's story concerns a trio of "wrestling heroes" who oppose the villainous "Mad Bull Group", to save the sport of pro wrestling.


Players initially choose from three characters; two more are "rescued" through gameplay and any of the five can be switched to between "missions".

  • Michael Sobut (マイケル・ソバット?) (known in the Atari version as Clash) - An Elvis Presley lookalike.
  • El Plancha (エル・プランチャ?) (known in the Atari version as Dice) - A luchador.
  • Jack Brow (ジャック・ブロー?) (known in the Atari version as Devo)
  • Mr. Hayate (Mr.ハヤテ?) - A ninja, master of the "Ninpow" art.
  • Captain (キャプテン?) - An American football player who defects from the Mad Bulls.

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