Knuckle Racquet

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First working prototype of the Knuckle Racquet

The Knuckle Racquet is a type of racquet that allows you to punch the ball giving you the feeling of boxing with the ball.


It can be used to strengthen the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, back, leg or the core muscles.[1]

Boxing Training[edit]

Knuckle Racquet used with a large ball for strength training

It can also be used for boxing training. It can be used with a small ball for speed training, or with a large ball for strength training.


The knuckle racquet can also be used to play a game against an opponent. This game has the same rules as racquet ball and can be played on an indoor or outdoor racquet ball court.


The Knuckle Racquet is patented and invented by Jose Castillo of New Skool Sports.[1] The first functional prototype, pictured above, was created in 2009.


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