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Variant cover of Venom Vol. 4 #5 depicting Knull. (October 2018).
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceThor: God of Thunder #6 (May 2013) (unnamed appearance)
Venom #3 (August 2018) (full appearance)
Created byJason Aaron
Butch Guice
Donny Cates
Ryan Stegman
In-story information
SpeciesElder God[1]
Place of originPrimordial void
Team affiliationsSymbiote Imperium
Notable aliasesGod of the Symbiotes, Lord of the Abyss, God-Host, Grendel (avatar), Exolon God, King in Black

Knull is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with Venom and Carnage. The character is depicted as an evil deity, who created the weapon known as All-Black the Necrosword and the alien races known as the Klyntar and Exolons. The character would go on and have more major role in the Marvel Universe.

Publication history[edit]

The character was first introduced as an nameless being in Thor: God of Thunder #6, before making his full appearance in Venom #3. The character would be mentioned in various issues of Web of Venom, Guardians of the Galaxy and "War of the Realms".

After that, Knull was revealed to be the antagonist in Donny Cates’ Silver Surfer: Black #1.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Knull was a primordial deity, who existed before the universe itself and was content to drift through the endless void of space, until the Celestials arrived to "evolve" the universe. Knull, seeing that "his" space was being touched, created All-Black the Necrosword and decapitated one of the Celestials. Seeing this, the other Celestials banished Knull and the severed head deeper into the Void. He then used the head to forge the symbiote and combined it with the cosmic energies of the head, which would eventually become Knowhere.[2] In so doing, he unintentionally gave the symbiote its weaknesses to sonic and fire. He created a symbiote armor and, with All-Black, he started killing the other deities, until he crash landed on an unnamed planet where Gorr took All-Black and incapacitated Knull.[3] Knull eventually reawakened and discovered he could bond his living abyss to "lesser creatures" and control their new form as vessels. He created an army of symbiotes with himself in the center of the hive mind and uses them to spread over the universe, establishing the Symbiote Imperium and killing the light and creation in the process.

He continued killing Gods, while also enslaving others whom he spared with the use of his abyss. At some point, he was approached by the Silver Surfer from the future, who had been weakened after the Surfer had created a little star in order to free a world from Knull's control. After a brief fight, Knull was able to bond a symbiote to the Surfer, but was saved by Ego, the Living Planet.[4]

When one dragon-like symbiote composite arrived on medieval Earth to claim the planet as part of the Symbiote Imperium, Thor arrived in aid of the Viking villagers and defeated the dragon, which the villagers called "Grendel," causing the connection between Knull and the symbiote hivemind to break. The symbiotes over the universe, now free from Knull's control, began bonding to benevolent hosts and learning about the Light. The Symbiotes rebelled against their god and trapped him inside an artificial planet formed of thousands of symbiotes, which they called called Klyntar — "cage" in their language.[5]

After thousands of years, S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered the body of the Grendel and bound the pieces of the dragon to soldiers in order to create Super-Soldiers to fight in the Vietnam War. The procedure was dubbed the Sym-Soldier program. This reawakened Knull, allowing him to take control of the Sym-soldiers who went rogue before being captured by Nick Fury and Logan, except one piece, named Rex, which escaped Knull's control.[6] Years later, Eddie Brock with Venom unknowingly freed the dragon and, after a battle against Eddie and Spider-Man, the dragon began searching for Rex in order to free Knull.[7] However, Venom merged with Rex and eventually trapped the Grendel in a blast furnace, incinerating it and Rex both.[8] Afterwards, the Maker and Project Oversight retrieve the Grendel's codex from the furnace.[9]

In Carnage Born, it is revealed that, when Cletus Kasady died at birth, he came in contact with Knull, who revived Cletus in order to free Knull from the Klyntar. After Scorn formed a cult worshiping Knull they stole the codices of Grendel along with Cletus' damaged body and after implanting the codexes inside Cletus, the Carnage symbiote's codex are absorbed by Grendel, becoming god-like. After the contact with Knull, Cletus decided to free Knull by collecting every codex of every host who had at some point bonded to symbiotes in order to overload the symbiote hive mind and scatter the Klyntar.[10]

It's also revealed that Knull had also created the Exolons — parasites that attach to a host, while feeding on their soul. Zak-Del, who's body houses Exolon, plans to find Knull in order for the latter to remove the parasite off him.[11]

After Cletus reunited with Doppelganger and Shriek again, they reformed the cult dedicated in worshiping Knull and returned to Doverton, Colorado where they got the codexes from the citizens and animals who were infected by Carnage during Carnage USA.[12]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Knull is a primordial deity, having super strength, agility, immortality[13] and healing factor. He possesses Supreme Umbrakinesis, as he can manifest darkness to create weapons and creatures, whom he calls the "Living Abyss", which he can control and also augment their power which allowed Venom to unlock new abilities and also allowed one of Knull's dragon to be unaffected by the symbiotes' classic weaknesses and to be as fast as the Silver Surfer. He also possesses limited shapeshifting ability, including the ability to turn his human-like mouth into fanged jaws with an elongated tongue — this feature was passed on to the symbiotes. He's also an expert combatant, utilizing All-Black to kill Celestials and other gods, while wearing an armor made from symbiote with a red dragon and spiral emblem, which was based on Spiral of Carcosa from the True Detective.[14]

Despite his connection to the symbiotes being severed, his influence can still be seen such when Gorr, Old Galactus,[15] Ego[16] and King Loki[17] after being infected by All-Black, continued Knull's crusade to annihilate all existence, while Malekith using the Venom symbiote called himself the Butcher of Thor.[18][19] Venom formed a similar emblem with mixed design of Knull's emblem and Spider-Woman's.[20][21] Similarly, the Nameless, a group of Kree explores, after being infected by the Exolons, their skin slowly faded with their outward appearance now resembling Knull.[22]

Other versions[edit]

In Ultimate Marvel, Richard Parker and Eddie Brock Sr., were the ones who created the Venom suit with Richard's DNA as a cure for cancer.[23]

In other media[edit]


In his early appearance, the character was received well, with Comic Book Resources drawing comparison with two other Marvel Villains: Morlun and Dracula.[24] While Bleeding Cool stated about the history that "It’s an engaging new story, and it redefines the symbiotes for the Marvel Universe."[25] He was ranked at the number one in IGN's list of Marvel's Most Powerful Symbiotes[26] and in WatchMojo's list of Top 10 Strongest Symbiotes.[27]


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