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Knut Eik-Nes (21 July 1885 – 18 January 1968) was a Norwegian priest and cultural worker.

He was born in Sauda as a son of merchant Christian Sigbjørn Næss and Eli Eik. He finished his secondary education in Stavanger in 1910, and studied briefly at Oxford University.[1] He graduated with the cand.theol. degree in 1915, and worked in the Diocese of Nidaros from the same year. From 1920 to 1955 he was vicar in Sparbu; from 1935 he doubled as vicar and dean of Nord-Innherred deanery. He was also chairman of the cultural association Noregs Ungdomslag from 1936 to 1947, except for the years 1940 to 1945 when Nazi Germany occupied Norway.[2] During his time as chairman, the association arranged summer meetings attended by 100,000 people in total.[3] While studying, he had been a board member of the university branch of Noregs Mållag; in 1911 and the autumn of 1913.[4] He was also a member of the Norwegian Language Council, representing Nynorsk writers.[5]

Eik-Nes was married to teacher Nina Eik-Nes, née Nina Lange Dahler (1900–1997), and was the father of hormone researcher Kristen Eik-Nes.[6] Through his daughter Eli, born 1921, he was a father-in-law of Magne Oftedal.[7]

Eik-Nes was decorated with the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, and a memorial stone at Mære was raised by Noregs Ungdomslag local associations on 17 May 1970.[1] He died in January 1968.[2]


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