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Knut Ekwall (1901)
Ekwall's The Emigrants (date unknown), the artist's vision of 19th-century transatlantic emigration.

Knut Ekwall (3 April 1843 in Säby, Småland province – 4 April 1912 in Säby), was a Swedish painter.


Ekwall studied from 1860-1866 at the Academy of Arts in Stockholm, with emphasis on xylography (designing woodcut printing blocks) and drawing.

He became a pupil of the painter Ludwig Knaus in Berlin.

In 1870, Ekwall established himself as an artist in Munich in Germany and later worked in Leipzig.

His works during this period were primarily for magazine illustrations, and were reproduced as engravings.

He returned to Sweden in 1885 and died there at the age of 69.

Known and/or accepted works[edit]

Illustrations of Frithiof's Saga by Esaias Tegnér

  • Painting: The Fisherman and the Siren
  • Painting: The Proposal
  • Painting: The Reading Lesson
  • Painting: Lost Luck, The Consolation or Away to School
  • Engraving: The Fair Dreamer
  • Painting: The Emigrants


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