Knut Posse

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Knut Posse
Born early 1440s
Stockholm, Sweden
Died 1500
Allegiance Sweden Sweden
Rank General
Commands held Commandant of Stockholm

Knut Jönsson Posse was a Swedish general remembered for his surprise attack on the Danish Army at the Battle of Brunkeberg (1471). Some sources claim the wounds were mortal, but he lived until 25 March 1500.[1]

Military career[edit]

General Sten Sture ordered Posse to load the Stockholm Garrison onto boats to ready a surprise attack on Christian I of Denmark's Danish and German Army. His order were to attack the Danes in the rear, at St. Klara. The Danes would then be attacked on three sides: Sten Sture would attack from the south, Nils Sture would flank the Danes and attack from the rear, and Posse would attack the Danes from the east flank near St. Klara. The Danish were completely surprised by Posse's attack. Soon after the battle started, Christian I sent more troops to reinforce the St. Klara position. The Danish Armies were no match for Posse's men, whom he led from the front. Posse's legs were hit by several Danish arrows. A German or Danish knight is supposed to have fractured his skull with a battle axe, and he was carried back to Stockholm. That is where some sources claim that he died of his wounds.[2]


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