Knut Schmidt-Nielsen

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Knut Schmidt-Nielsen
Left to right Bodil Mimi Krogh Schmidt-Nielsen (b. 1918), Knut Schmidt-Nielsen (1915-2007), and Barbara Wagner.jpg
Bodil Mimi Krogh Schmidt-Nielsen, Knut Schmidt-Nielsen, and Barbara Wagner.
Born(1915-09-24)September 24, 1915
DiedJanuary 25, 2007(2007-01-25) (aged 91)
Spouse(s)Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen (divorced) Margareta Claesson (m. 1977–his death)
AwardsInternational Prize for Biology (1992)
Scientific career
InstitutionsDuke University

Knut Schmidt-Nielsen (September 24, 1915 – January 25, 2007)[1] was a prominent figure in the field of comparative physiology and Professor of Physiology Emeritus at Duke University.


Born in Trondheim, Norway. He was educated in Oslo and Copenhagen. He became a student in the laboratory of August Krogh in Copenhagen in 1937. Schmidt-Nielsen moved to the United States, where he studied at Swarthmore College, Stanford University, and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.[2]


Schmidt-Nielsen published over 275 scientific papers and wrote the authoritative text on animal physiology. Schmidt-Nielsen is widely recognized as having made significant contributions to ecophysiology. He has been referred to as "the father of comparative physiology and integrative biology"[3] and "one of the all-time greats of animal physiology".[4] He came to Duke University in 1952 and became a James B. Duke Professor in the Department of Biology.

In 1980, Knut Schmidt-Nielsen was elected President of the International Union of Physiological Sciences. He was the founding editor of News in Physiological Sciences. He was a member of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (1973), the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (1979), the Royal Society of London, the French Academy of Sciences and the United States National Academy of Sciences.[5][6] Next to the Biological Science building on Duke's campus is a statue of Schmidt-Nielson looking at a camel, honoring his more than twenty years of work studying and dispelling myths on how camels withstand the harsh desert environment.[7] [8]

He was recipient of the 1992 International Prize for Biology awarded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.[9]


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