Knyszyn Forest Landscape Park

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Knyszyń Forest Landscape Park
Polish: Park Krajobrazowy Puszczy Knyszyńskiej
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Podlaskie - Czarna Białostocka - Puszcza Knyszyńska - Góry Czumażowskie - E - v-NW.JPG
The Góry Czumażowskie Hills in the Knyszyń Forest near Ożynnik
LOGO Park Krajobrazowy Puszczy Knyszynskiej.svg
Park logo
Map showing the location of Knyszyń Forest Landscape Park
Map showing the location of Knyszyń Forest Landscape Park
LocationPodlaskie Voivodeship, Poland
Nearest citySupraśl
Coordinates53°14′00″N 23°23′00″E / 53.233333°N 23.383333°E / 53.233333; 23.383333Coordinates: 53°14′00″N 23°23′00″E / 53.233333°N 23.383333°E / 53.233333; 23.383333
Area744.47 km2 (287.44 sq mi)
Governing bodyMinistry of the Environment

Puszcza Knyszyńska (Knyszyn Forest) Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy Puszczy Knyszyńskiej) is a protected area (landscape park) in Podlaskie Voivodeship of northeastern Poland.


It protects an area of 744.47 square kilometres (287.44 sq mi).

It was established in 1988, and is a Natura 2000 EU Special Protection Area.

The landscape park contains 20 nature reserves.

Counties and Gminas[edit]

The natural Landscape Park is within Podlaskie Voivodeship, and is located in:

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