Košická Nová Ves

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Košická Nová Ves panorama.jpg

Košická Nová Ves (Hungarian: Kassa-Ujfalu) is a city ward of Košice, Slovakia.

It was originally a separated municipality until 1968 when it was joined to the city. It became a city ward in 1990. The first mention of Košická Nová Ves is from 1297. In that year, St. Ladislav's church was built there. It still keeps a rural character; there is no industrial zone.

Nowadays Košická Nová Ves takes an area of 5.6 km² with a population of 2,259.

Latitude: 48° 43' Longitude: 21° 18' Altitude: 261 m (859 feet)

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Coordinates: 48°43′54″N 21°18′03″E / 48.73167°N 21.30083°E / 48.73167; 21.30083