Ko Sung-hyun

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Ko Sung-hyun
Ko Sung-hyun.jpg
Personal information
Country  South Korea
Born (1987-05-21) 21 May 1987 (age 29)[1]
Chungbuk, South Korea
Handedness Right
Highest ranking 1 (14 November 2013[1])
Current ranking 7 MD 4 XD (31 March 2016[1])
BWF profile
Ko Sung-hyun
Revised Romanization Go Seong-hyeon
McCune–Reischauer Ko Sŏng-hyŏn
This is a Korean name; the family name is Ko.

Ko Sung-hyun (고성현; born May 21, 1987[2]) is an internationally elite badminton player from South Korea.

Ko Sung-hyun is a right-handed player who specializes in doubles events. His current partner in the men's doubles is Shin Baek-cheol. In the mixed doubles he is currently paired with Kim Ha-Na.

His best performances to date were at the 2010 Hong Kong Super Series where he won the men's doubles tournament with Yoo Yeong-seong[3] and at the 2010 Paris World Championships where they reached the round of sixteen.

In mixed doubles Ko Sung-hyun and Ha Jung-eun reached the semifinals at the 2010 World Championships where they claimed the bronze medal.[4]

In 2014, Ko won his first Superseries title in mixed doubles with Kim Ha-na at the 2014 Australian Super Series.[5] Ko and Shin Baek-cheol won gold in 2014 BWF World Championships by defeating the first seed and also their own teammates, Lee Yong-dae and Yoo Yeon-seong. [6]

Record Against Selected Opponents[edit]

Mixed Doubles results with Ha Jung-eun against Super Series finalists, World Championships semifinalists, and Olympic quarterfinalists.[7]


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