Koah Lehashpi'a

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Koah Lehashpi'a
כח להשפיע
Leader Amnon Yitzhak
Yohai Dok (2009–2013)
Founded 2009
Ideology Social justice
Political position right wing
Election symbol
פ‎ (2009)
פז‎ (2013)

Koah LeHashpi'a (Hebrew: כח להשפיע‎‎, lit. Power to Influence) was a minor political party in Israel.

The party advocated greater rights for the country's disabled citizens.[1] It ran in the 2009 Knesset elections, but failed to pass the electoral threshold, not receiving any seats.

The party ran again as a religious party in the 2013 elections with the support of Amnon Yitzhak, but again failed to win a seat.


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