Kobe Kaisei College

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Kobe Kaisei College

Kobe Kaisei College (神戸海星女子学院大学, Kobe kaisei joshi gakuin daigaku) is a private women's college in Nada, Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan. Kobe Kaisei institution was first founded as a primary school, a junior and senior high school in 1951. Moreover, the junior college was established in 1955, followed by the opening of Kobe Kaisei College in 1965.

Kobe Kaisei College focuses on the humanities education based on Christianity. In addition they provide good English and French education. A number of alumni have been noticed for their ability to speak foreign languages in the industries.

Kobe Kaisei is well known for being one of the most honorable schools. Therefore, most of students come from good families.

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