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Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design (KKAID)
Industry Architecture
Founded 1995
Key people
Kobi Karp, Founder
Website http://www.kobikarp.com
Kobi Karp
Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design Offices in Miami, Florida.

Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design, Inc. (KKAID)[1] is an architectural and interior design firm founded by Miami architect Kobi Karp.[2] KKAID is linked to the design of large-scale, high-rise condominium and hospitality projects to intimate, small-scale, low-rise residential and commercial structures. Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design was founded in 1995 and in operation to date has been linked to $36 billion in projects globally.[3] Miami Beach has become a global destination and Kobi Karp has shaped the hospitality landscape of the city.

Miami Design Identity[edit]

"The identity of Miami is dynamic like our designs. It continuously changes to reflect the community and the society of which we are a part of. We, as architects, take the dynamic identity of Miami as inspiration for our designs. We believe that as artists, we are a reflection of our time and our society." - Kobi Karp[4]

Culture of Miami[edit]

"Miami is a cultural and social hub due to the mix of people and cultures which exist and grow here from both domestic and international destinations. This has created a platform for a dynamic and varied cultural venue to thrive." - Kobi Karp[5]

South Florida Luxury Hospitality & Residential Projects[edit]

"As the hotel industry has grown over the past few years, there has been a vacuum and a demand which had to be filled (in Miami). The increase in hotel rooms is only now catching up to the demand. Utilizing the local artistic and creative environment, both natural and man-made, we as designers have been standing out in our unique lifestyle-destination designs due to our artistic vision and cultural approach." - Kobi Karp.[6]

1 Hotel South Beach, Florida Miami Hospitality Design Award Winner 2017 (Hotel Guest Room, Lobby/Reception, Outdoor Divine Detail, Hotel Restaurant for Beachcraft) Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Fort Lauderdale, Florida </ref> Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences at The Surf Club Surfside, Florida[7]

Green Philosophy[edit]

Karp uses Ecological Building measures in his designs. Karp’s design of Absolut Lofts won a 2006 Pillars of the Industry Award [8] and received an award from the Historical Preservation society for its use as an infill project. Karp designed the condo buildings in the green fashion before green was popular.[citation needed]

In April 2007, the United States Green Building Council[9] (USGBC) recognized Baylights [10] Condominium a design project spearheaded by Karp as the first green residential building in South Florida.

Kobi Karp at the DBA Award ceremony held at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club.

In November 2007 Kobi was named “Architect of the Year” by the Developers & Builders Alliance [11]

Art Deco Restorations[edit]

The firm was one of the key figures in the early 90’s revival of Miami Beach’s historic Art Deco district that restored the city’s hotels and residential buildings.[citation needed][chronology citation needed]. Notable projects were the preservation and restoration of Miami Beach[12]’s Astor,[13] Edison, Clevelander[14] and Breakwater hotels.

In addition to working extensively in the historic Art Deco district KKAID's projects can be seen across the Miami. The firm's portfolio range from intricate residential buildings to mixed used expansive skyscrapers.[citation needed]

Global Expansion[edit]

KKAID has been international since 1988 but expanded their architectural and interior design services to new luxury clients. Some recent project locations include; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sochi, Cancun, Romania, Grenada, Russia, Mexico, and Asia.

Etihad - Approx. sf for the development to date is 440,000 SM.

A recent project the firm is currently involved in is the Etihad development project in Abu Dhabi. Etihad Village is a 4700 residential unit complex that will provide housing for Etihad Airways employees. The development is part of a master plan development called Al Raha Beach, a stretch of land along the coast just outside Abu Dhabi.

Amalfi Condominium Capetown, South Africa

Ramada Beach Resort Abu Dhabi [15].

KKAID's Ecological Building[edit]

In April 2007, the United States Green Building Council[16] (USGBC) recognized Baylights Condominium a design project spearheaded by Karp as the first green residential building in South Florida.

1101 Brickell and Empire World Towers[edit]

Two large scale Miami projects currently in progress and designed by KKAID include Miami’s [Empire World Towers] and the [1101 Brickell] Building; both projects have the potential of being added to the list of the world’s tallest buildings.

The 1101 Brickell Building is a planned hi-rise recently approved by the City of Miami and the Federal Aviation Administration slated to be built in downtown Miami. When completed in early 2010 the 74 floor building will be the second tallest building in Miami at a height of 849 ft. The building slated to be constructed in the southern part of Miami's Brickell Financial District Miami Financial District was home to the former Banco Industrial de Venezuela building. Karp preserved the building and will build the new tower adjacent to it.

Empire World Towers

Empire World Towers,[17] comprises two proposed super tall skyscrapers joined by three glass walkways connecting the two towers. Karp designed both towers to stand at 1,200 ft, with 106 stories each and be pedestrian friendly with commercial, retail and condo-hotel residential ambiance. When built, the complex would surpass the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower as the tallest buildings in Florida and may, become the two tallest all-residential buildings in the world.

Corporate Clients[edit]

Hospitality corporations such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton Hotels, Starwood, Four Seasons and Club Med; Development Corporations such as The Related Group, Fortune International, Cornerstone Group, Aldar Properties, and Nakheel employ KKAID to design new properties, renovate existing ones, create interiors and plan sites for pending development.[citation needed]