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Kobilica seen from it south side

Kobilica (Macedonian and Serbian Cyrillic: Кобилица; Albanian: Kobilicë) is a mountain peak in the Šar Mountains. It is 2,528 m high and is located on central part of the main Shara ridge that forms the border between the Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo. It can be seen from the Kosovar city of Prizren as well as from Tetovo in Macedonia.

The peak is known for its sharp pyramidal shape and the rocky ridge Treskavec on it western side. It inspires with its proper shape and awes with its sharp edges. It is sometimes dubbed as Tetovo Materhorn.


Coordinates: 42°05′55″N 20°50′36″E / 42.098611°N 20.843333°E / 42.098611; 20.843333